FENAVIN 2017's Best Practice will be echoed on Serbian television

Maja Djuric, Journalist for de N1, channel that is an affiliate of CNN, will be preparing an important reportage about the trade fair, set to take place in Ciudad Real from May 9th to the 11th


The influence and diffusion that FENAVIN has grows with each edition and this time its wanderings through the international media will reach the Balkan countries. Maja Djuric, journalist for the N1, channel that is an affiliate of CNN, and that broadcasts in Serbia, likewise reaching its neighbors Croatia and Montenegro, will be preparing an important reportage so that the Balkans will have the opportunity to get to know the Spanish wine market. 


“My goal is to get to know the diverse market of Spanish wines, obtain first hand experiences from both the wine growers, as well as the guests at the trade fair, thus being able to offer the Serbian public a perspective about the position that Spanish wines hold in Europe and what it is that makes Spanish wine so particular. Also, one of the key subjects that I will be covering these days is the concept of the trade fair itself – how it is organized, how it is financed, and to what point the organization participates in the same, taking into account that these are aspects that I wish to present as an example of Best Practice”, Djuric explains. 


The journalist will be participating at the trade fair with broad-ranging perspectives. She is interested in many types of wine, such as sweet wine, sparkling wines, cava, organic wines, Designation of Origin wines, terroir wines, natural wines or table wines. According to her point of view, Spanish wines are quite highly valued in Serbia: “They are considered to be high quality wines, even very high quality wines. People know about the most famous brands and I personally believe that Spanish wines are highly present on the market and available for the consumers”, she points out. 


And how is that a Serbian journalist knows about FENAVIN? “I become acquainted with the trade fair thanks to Ivana Đuranović Veselinov, of the Economic and Commercial Office of the Embassy of Spain in Serbia”, the journalist states. After broadcasting my documentary “Fermentation of Income, Wines in Spain and Serbia”, I met up with Ms Đuranović at a meeting held last year in the month of April and that is when she told be all the basic information about the trade fair.  


A young reporter with a great future before her 


Maja Djuric (Vrsac, Serbia, 1991) is a graduate in Journalism and Communications and she currently works on reportages for the N1 channel, company that is affiliated to the prestigious CNN (Cable News Network) for the area of the Balkans. Djuric previously worked for the Communications Department of the Société Générale bank in Serbia and in the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN). She has also collaborated with several NGOs dedicated to the protection of human rights and the defense of multiculturalism. 

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