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Ciudad Real
2025, may 6, 7 & 8

FENAVIN. Feria Nacional del Vino


FENAVIN will undertake the matter of global consumption sustainability in the wine sector following the pandemic

Jaime Palafox, expert in Internationalization, Sustainability and Circular Economy, will be the speaker in the presentation that is included in the programming of the 11th National Trade Fair on Wine, which will cover eco-responsible packaging so that companies and wineries can duly understand the new consumer trends at a global level.


abr 2022

Sustainability in the world of wine is the order of the day in all imaginable aspects, including packaging chosen by wineries to market their products. FENAVIN, the National Trade Fair on Wine, promoted by the Provincial Government, will address this important issue on Wednesday May 11th, the same by way of a technical talk under the heading: “Sustainability as a driver of global consumption after the pandemic: the case of eco-responsible packaging in the wine sector”, framed in the programming of activities focused on foreign promotion and economy.  

Intervening in the presentation will be Cristina Delgado, Business Internationalization Technician for the Chamber of Commerce of Ciudad Real and Jaime Palafox, Specialist Consultant in Internationalization, Sustainability and Circular Economy and CEO for Palafox Drink & Wine.

Palafox explains how, in just a few years, sustainability has become “one of the main recourses of food consumption and the wine sector is no stranger to it”. The question is whether it is reacting quickly enough when it comes to communicating the efforts in this field and, above all, whether the final consumer really perceives the sector as sustainable,” he adds.  

In the seminar that he will impart during the National Trade Fair on Wine, answers will be given to the previous questions and, in addition the case of eco-responsible packaging that is bursting into the sector as a result of the new needs and consumption trends of wine, accelerated by the global pandemic. “This is a challenge for the industry, but at the same time it is a great opportunity for Spanish wineries.” Jaime Palafox highlights how in this sense “circular economy is a very recent phenomenon, and there are still many people in the business world who do not know much about the subject as yet”.   

If sustainability is to be the protagonist of the first part of his speech, in the second part Palafox will put forward practical examples of eco-responsible packaging from the consumer’s point of view, because he adds, “perhaps the company is often too focused on aspects related to production and not so much on consumer trends”.

“If before it was a symbol of prestige for wine bottles to weigh a lot, now for some international buyers this is perceived in a negative way, due to its greater ecological impact, and they are looking for bottles that weigh less and also for other types of containers and packaging”, adds this specialist in Internationalization, Sustainability and Circular Economy.  

Among the examples of innovative packaging, during the presentation he will talk about the bag-in-box, paper bottles that some breweries have begun to market; canned wine and other “environmentally friendly” options, as well as bulk wine. “There are countries that are prioritizing it because of its lower environmental impact,” he says.  

He will also deal with trends in promotional materials, “because very bright and shiny brochures are already being considered by some markets as an absurd expense from an environmental point of view”.  

FENAVIN, international reference  

Palafox once again repeats his presence at FENAVIN this year, at a trade fair that he considers that it has positioned itself “among the top positions in the ranking at the European and Global level, becoming a point of reference at an international level”. “I take my hat off to what the organization has achieved. The merit of placing this trade fair as a reference is indisputable, and even more so when it is held in a city that is not a large capital, a case of success that is certainly not the norm”, he underlines.  

Foreign promotion and economy

Palafox’s presentation is part of the activities of Foreign Promotion and Economy that have been programmed throughout the first two days of the trade fair. In them they will talk about Spanish wine in Germany, obstacles and opportunities; about the opportunities of Spanish wine in the Brazilian market or how to sell wine on Alibaba.com, the largest B2B platform in the world.



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