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Ciudad Real
2025, may 6, 7 & 8

FENAVIN. Feria Nacional del Vino


1. Portal Ownership

This website has been created by the Provincial Government of Ciudad Real for the National Trade Fair on Wine (hereinafter FENAVIN) with address at Ciudad Real, Calle Toledo, 17 PC 13071 Ciudad Real, CIF (tax identification code) P1300000E. FENAVIN's website is aimed at providing information to the users about its content, services and likewise represents a communication channel between Exhibitors and Visitors.

Access to all pages of the website is free and anonymous, save those areas in which the user has to register to access that particular area due to safety reasons. FENAVIN reserves the right to modify its presentation, configuration and the services offered in the same.

2. General Conditions for Use and Acceptance of the same

The present general conditions for use of this website, www.fenavin.com, along with the general conditions for contracting of services provided in the same, as well as any other particular conditions that could be established, all have the finality of regulating and informing the users about FENAVIN's services and regulation of use of the portal.

Browsing and use of the portal services represent unreserved acceptance on the part of the user of all the general conditions for use, general conditions for contracting and any others that could exist in relationship with FENAVIN's provisioning of services.

FENAVIN may modify the present general conditions at any time and without prior warning, as is the case with the general contracting conditions and the general conditions that are included, the same by publishing the mentioned modifications in the portal with the aim of these being previously and in general known by the users.

3. Personal Data Protection Policy

3.1. Data Protection. In order to fully legally guarantee protection of the users' information, the fenavin.com website duly complies with the requirement exacted in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council, dated April 27th, 2016, the same pertaining to protection of natural persons in that regarding processing of personal information and free movement of said information and by which Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR) is repealed, as is the case with Framework Law 3/2018, dated December 5th on Personal Data Protection and Digital Rights Guarantees.

You will be duly informed during the data collection process, by way of the form itself, of the mandatory nature or not of the data collection process for service provisioning, as well as on the present rights.

Please see our personal data protection policy for more detailed information, the same found in the Privacy Policy section of this website.

3.2. User Rights: With regards to the collected data the User may exercise those rights granted in the enforced legislation, that is right of access, rectification, cancelation or elimination of data and opposition, as well as portability and limitation of processing if the case was to be as such.

You may exercise these rights by way of a communication (writ) indicating "EXERCISING OF RIGHTS" in the subject matter, along with the name, surnames and DNI (national identification number) of the interested party.

You likewise also enjoy the right to lodge a complaint against the Spanish Agency on Data Protection.

4. FENAVIN's Responsibility

The User acknowledges and accepts that use of this website and of its services is carried out under his/her sole responsibility.

FENAVIN will only respond for any damage suffered by the User as a consequence of use of the portal when said damage is attributable to willful or negligent misconduct on the part of FENAVIN.

Notwithstanding, FENAVIN states that it has adopted all necessary measures, within its possibilities and according to the technological status, to guarantee operation of this website and avoid the existence and transmission of malware and other components that could cause damage to the User.

5. User's Responsibility

Access and use of the services included in this Website entails full acceptance of the general conditions for use that are outlined in the present document.

The user commits to using the content (with "content" being understood as texts, graph charts, plans, drawings, designs, guides, codes, software, photographs, music, videos, sounds, databases, images, information, links or any other creation that is protected by national laws and international treaties on intellectual and industrial property), as well as services offered, in a correct and lawful fashion, in accordance to generally accepted law, morality and courtesy. In this sense the user commits to not reproducing, distributing, transforming, modifying or manipulating the content, as well as the technical protection devices or configuration of the website: Consequently, the user will, in no case whatsoever, use different means to those available on the website with the aim of obtaining any type of material, information or files included in the same.

6. Catalogues Published on the Portal:

FENAVIN has arranged a space on its Website in which the User can consult the Catalogue corresponding to the latest edition of the Trade Fair. This Catalogue includes data provided by the exhibitors so that they can be known by the user through the same. FENAVIN declines any responsibility in relationship to the information provided by said exhibitors, with the exhibitors being the sole responsible party for the veracity and legality of said information.

Likewise, FENAVIN declines any responsibility for misuse on the part of third parties of said data that is published with the consent of the exhibitor and with the aim of making themselves known to the professional visitors at the trade fair and so that they can be located by their own clients and visitors with reason of the holding of the trade fair. FENAVIN cannot control access of third party companies to the mentioned Catalogue and their use of the data for purposes that are different to those outlined, thus breaching the enforced legislation on sending of advertising or promotional electronic mails that have neither been previously requested nor authorized.

7. Use of Cookies:

Use of cookies through this website is governed by that established in the Cookies Policy.

8. Legal Status:

Relationships established between the user and owner of the Portal will be governed by that arranged in the enforced normative on the applicable legislation and competent jurisdiction. These general conditions will be governed by Spanish Law.

FENAVIN and the User, with express waiver of any other jurisdiction, will be subject to the Courts of Law of Ciudad Real.


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