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Ciudad Real
2025, may 6, 7 & 8

FENAVIN. Feria Nacional del Vino

Cookies Policy

The domain www.fenavin.com uses automatic collection procedures (Cookies) to gather personal information such as the type of web browser or operating system, reference page, route, ISP domain (Internet Service Provider), etc., all this with the aim of improving any services that are provided. Cookies help us to adapt this web page to your personal needs.

A "Cookie" is a small file that is stored in the user’s computer and allows us to recognize it. The whole of “cookies” helps us improve the quality of our web page, thus allowing us to personalize, to a certain point, each user’s experience when browsing our web page. Cookies are currently essential for internet operation, providing innumerable advantages in the provisioning of interactive services, facilitating browsing and usability of our web page.

Please keep in mind that cookies cannot harm your computer and, in exchange, the fact that cookies are activated helps us identify and resolve any errors and improve the browsing experience.

Classification of Cookies

So that the user can have more information on the classification and use of cookies, we hereby inform you of the following::

  1. From the point of view of the cookie’s “lifespan” (period of time that the cookie is active in our computer) we can differentiate between the following:
    1. Session cookies: these are temporary cookies that remain in your browser’s cookies file until you leave the specific web page, thereby no cookie remains registered in the user’s hard drive. Information obtained through these cookies serves to analyze traffic procedures on the web page. On the long term this allows us to provide an improved experience, including improvement of content and ease-of-use.
    2. Permanent cookies: these cookies are stored on the hard disk and our web page reads them each time you visit the same. A permanent cookie has a certain expiration date. The cookie will stop working after said date. In general we use these cookies to facilitate services such as purchasing and registrations.
  2. From the point of view of use of each cookie, we can differentiate between the following:
    1. Required Cookies: these are those cookies that are strictly necessary, for example, those that allow for correct browsing or that allow payments for goods or services requested by the user or cookies that serve to ensure that the content of the web page is efficiently loaded.

      Included in the Required Cookies Classification we also encounter cookies with the following purposes:
      • That only allow communication between the user’s computer and the network.
      • That strictly provide a service that is expressly requested by the user.
      In these cases we inform you that the user’s information and consent is not required for the installation of the mentioned cookies. Specifically, according to the EU’s Expert Work Group, in article 29 of its Opinion 4/2013, what is interpreted is that among those cookies that are an exception, these with the following aim would be included:
      • "User entry" cookie
      • User authentication or identification cookie (only session)
      • User security cookie
      • Multimedia player session cookie
      • Session cookie for load balancing
      • User interface personalization cookie
      • Complementary cookie (plug-in) for exchanging of social content
      All remaining Required Cookies that are not included in the above examples require prior information and user consent.
    2. Functional Cookies (analytical): these are cookies that allow us to analyze the use of the website, in such a way that we can assess and improve its operation.
    3. Advertising and Third Party Cookies: these are cookies used by social networks or by external content complements such as google maps or advertising company cookies for the publishing of announcements that pertain to your interests.

FENAVIN stores all information collected by Cookies in a non-personalized format (IP address). This type of information that is obtained by the cookies will not be revealed outside of FENAVIN, nor will it be used for any non-requested communications.

Adequate Privacy – Cookie Management

If thus desired by the user, the cookies registry may be subject to your acceptance during the installation or updating of the browser being used. The user may at any time rescind their acceptance by using the options for configuration of content and privacy that are available in each browser. Notwithstanding, if the user does not allow installation of cookies in their browser, it is quite possible that the same will not be able to access some sections of our website.

For more information on appropriate configuration of cookies and the options of activation, restriction and/or disabling, please have a look in your browser’s help section for information on the following:

Many browsers allow you to activate private mode, which means that the cookies are deleted after the visit. This private mode may have different names depending on each browser. Here below is a list with the most common browsers and the different names applied to "private mode":

List and Description of Cookies

The lists found below, in schematic fashion, include some of the cookies described above and that are used on the FENAVIN website:

Cookie name Cookie Domain Expiry (permanent session) Use of cookie
(Required-Functional-Third parties/Advertising)
CONSENT  fenavin.com   12 months  Permanent
_ga   fenavin.com   2 years  Functional (Google Analytics)
PHPSESSID   fenavin.com   Session  Required (log-on)
NID   google.com   6 months  Third parties (External content complement: Google map)
PREF   google.com   24 months
datr   facebook.com   Session  Third parties
__cfuid   jquery.com   60 months  Required

For more information about cookies and your rights as a user, please consult the Guide on using cookies drafted by the Spanish Data Protection Agency:



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Cookies policy

We use our own and third-party cookies to manage the website, obtain information about its use, improve our services or to show you advertising according to your preferences. You can click on ACCEPT, to allow the use of all cookies, or on settings to see the cookies in detail and indicate which ones you want to accept or reject. +info