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The "Contact with…" Program is a computer tool that optimizes contact to a maximum between buyers and wineries offering their products at the trade fair.

This is a tool that promotes meetings between the offer and the demand before one even reaches the trade fair. Thus exhibitors will be able to request meetings with both national and international buyers.

On their part the buyers will be able to organize their work agenda by requesting the meetings they need in an efficient and direct manner.


The Wine Gallery is offered to the exhibitors and both the national and international buyers as a very practical instrument that promotes business. It represents a space in which the only protagonist is the wine, in turn appearing as a great showcase of all the products to be found at FENAVIN.

The Wine Gallery allows connecting all the wealth and wine variety of the country with the preferences of buyers from around the world, all this in a space in which each one of the wines is presented under perfect conditions for their tasting. The corresponding index card is also displayed next to each wine, the same in both Spanish and English, including important information about the wine in question –origin, varieties, type of production, tasting note, price…- and also the exact location of the corresponding winery's stand at the trade fair itself.


The Business Center is a highly suitable place where the importers and Spanish winery owners can bring positions together, reach commercial agreements and promote its wines in each and every corner of the world. It also represents a support point on information for the buyers, which indeed facilitates their visit to the trade fair.


An efficient on-line business and information search tool at FENAVIN, which can be accessed through the trade fair's website.

This way the buyers can really optimize their time by first selecting their goals, the same thanks to extensive information about each one of the wineries and its wines.

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