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The "Contact with…" Program is a computer tool that optimizes to a maximum contacts between exhibitor wineries and buyers, both national and international, favoring encounters between the offer and demand even before reaching the trade fair.

Through the "Contact with…" Program, buyers can consult the list of exhibitors and the list of products of the same, being able to select those that best adapt to the variables of the production areas, varietals, vintages, etc. This way work agendas can be closed in due accordance to the commercial criteria that best adapts to your needs. The exhibitor's agenda may have up to 2 appointments in the same hour (at their own stand and at the Buyers Business Point). Also, the buyers will have a messenger system available with the exhibitors with whom they have set up meetings.

The time used by both exhibitors and buyers will represent a truly efficient commercial encounter.

FENAVIN's organization is not responsible for any failed meetings. It is recommended that both exhibitors and buyers inform the Organization on any failure to assist and if the situation were to be repetitive, then said companies will not be allowed to participate in the "Contact with…" Program in the future.

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