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Ciudad Real
2025, may 6, 7 & 8

FENAVIN. Feria Nacional del Vino


The FENAVIN Organization studies the wine markets so that the trade fair will be a business success

The 12th National Trade Fair on Wine will be held in Ciudad Real from May 9th to May 11th.


mar 2023

FENAVIN’s organization is immersed in a long process of studying the different global wine markets so that during the trade fair, held in Ciudad Real between May 9th and May 11th, there will be many buyers from many different destinations. 

The process focuses on three major market groups. In the first place that of those countries that in relation to the export of wineries maintain a ‘mature’ market, such as United Kingdom, Germany, the USA, France, or the Nordic countries, where Spanish wine is more than established. 

Attention is thus, in the second place, duly focused on the so-called ‘emerging’ markets, made up by those countries in which a growing consumption of Spanish wine is being generated. Despite the fact that exports from our wineries are still weak, there are possibilities for growth. In this sense countries such as China, India, Brazil, Peru or Morocco should be highlighted. 

And now thirdly, the study focuses on ‘incipient’ markets, that is to say those countries where consumption is weak, but there are good prospects, or due to their exotic nature, access to our wineries has been difficult up to now. Among the list of countries that make up this list we would have, among others, Thailand, Cape Verde, or Cameroon. 

To achieve the greatest efficiency in the development of the buyer process, the FENAVIN Organization carries out a study of the export reality of our wine, highlighting structural problems and deficiencies.  

The main problem that our wineries and cooperatives find themselves with is the concentration of a small number of countries with which to do business, which increases the various risks for the future.  

Thus, it is for this reason that the Organization considers that in each edition the number of countries coming in to do business must be very high, considering this factor to be of absolute essence. 

In this 12th edition of the National Trade Fair on Wine more than one hundred countries will be present and the three wine market groups mentioned above will be represented.  





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