Fenavin 2017 will be hosting twice as many organic wineries than in the past edition

Close to 400 wineries and cooperatives that produce this type of wine and with a market under expansion will enjoy their own space at the trade


The world of wine is not unaware of the growing social concern that exists for the environment and a reflection of this will be seen at FENAVIN 2017, which in the present edition will be counting with twice as many organic wineries than in the past edition, with close to 400 exhibitors of this type of wine. Wineries Bodegas Casa de la Viña from Ciudad Real and the Alicante based winery Bodegas Volver are just two of the organic wine exhibitors that will be participating at the trade fair.  


In the opinion of Patricio Cruz Boluda, owner of the winery from Ciudad Real Casa de la Viña, organic wine has two advantages over traditional wine: “Since no chemical treatments are applied to the plants, we can avoid the toxicity of products such as herbicides, phytosanitary products or sulphites to our organism; however, we all ensure that the environment is respected, because all the treatments we apply out in the fields are 100% natural”, he explains. 


In the opinion of Gema Sánchez Oro, Director of Exports at the winery Bodegas Volver this type of wine, apart from ensuring increased environmental control, also offers the possibility of “covering a demand of a certain segment of the population that identifies with these proposals”. 


In the case of Casa de la Viña 20% of their wines hold the classification of organic wine, and the percentage is on the rise. At Bodegas Volver all wines are organically produced, although only 10% of the production is certified as such, “as the paperwork is truly overwhelming”, they acknowledge. 


The efforts made by the management to produce organic wines represents an economic and administrative cost and burden, which is something that discourages many when it comes time to produce this type of wine, in particular when we consider that it just might be a fashion, a fleeting whim of the consumers. Although Cruz sustains the contrary, “organic wines respond to a consolidated aspiration of the population that wants to take better care of themselves and of the environment”, he insists. At Bodegas Volver, Sánchez Oro is of a similar opinion, “there is still going to be talk about it, even if it is an entelechy that is more formal than real. Pasteur defined wine as the most hygienic and healthiest of beverages”.   


Both wineries will be present at FENAVIN 2017 from May 9th to the 11th in Ciudad Real, and with real goals in mind. In the case of Casa de la Viña being at the trade fair represents an opportunity to “establish new contacts and present new wines to the market”. At Bodegas Volver the goal is categorical: “To sell wine”. Patricio Cruz recognizes that FENAVIN is “one of the key trade fairs in our commercial plan”, while at Bodegas Volver they consider that the past editions of the trade fair have been an “indisputable success”. 

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