Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019



Vista general de la Galería del Vino de FENAVIN

The Wine Gallery is offered to the exhibitors and to national and international purchasers as a very practical instrument for favouring business. A space in which the only protagonist is the wine and that this is displayed as the great showcase of current FENAVIN products.

Its fundamental objective is to allow professionals, especially the buyer, to enjoy a comfortable and tranquil surroundings to get to know, in the exact time they have available, all of the products present in the fair. That"s why, and throughout the mornings of each one of the days of the fair, a permanent exhibition will be maintained composed of wines coming from companies that have presence in FENAVIN.

As a secondary objective, the Gallery will be transformed into a platform for the exhibitors in the critical moments in which they cannot serve all of their visitors.

In the Wine Gallery only the FENAVIN exporting companies participate that want to display all of their products there. This service carries no extra charge for the exhibitor.

Professionals that manage the Gallery undertake to adequately prepare products for tasting, screening them so that their organoleptic qualities are maintained. All products in the same category will be presented in identical conditions.

How does it work?

  • Each exhibiting wine cellar present in FENAVIN will be able to present, for free in the Gallery, a maximum of 2 brands of the category that they desire.
  • Products are displayed in signposted, duly ordered tables. Each wine will have a label, in Spanish and in English, with the most relevant details about the wine in question, and with the location details in the wine cellar stand"s corresponding fair, with the end of facilitating its localization and possible commercial contacts.
  • More than 1.200 brands will be organized by category, each one in its optimum temperature for the tasting and distributed across the 1,000 square meters of exhibition.
  • The Wine Gallery is attended at all times by wine sector professionals.
  • To the purchasers are served the glasses they need, as well as a notebook in which they can take notes about the tasting.
  • In addition to this, there exists an exclusive organic wine area.