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Ciudad Real
2025, may 6, 7 & 8

FENAVIN. Feria Nacional del Vino


Experts present at FENAVIN the criteria of international markets when choosing Spanish wine

Several experts from the United States, Poland and Brazil have discussed the interest of international markets in Spanish wine during a round table held at the National Trade Fair on Wine


May 2023

The event, organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Ciudad Real and aimed at wineries, sommeliers, marketing companies and professionals from the world of wine, has hosted a round table with the participation of the enologist  On the other hand, he said that Generation Z “is learning to drink wine but they don’t know anything about Spanish wine” and he proposed that we should focus on selling an image of Spanish wine based on quality.

From Poland, Kawalec has expressed the need to “educate traders in economic terms” because Spanish sales have not grown in the last 7 years. Thus, exported Spanish wine costs 1.6 Euros per liter in the country, as he indicated.

Cabanes has explained that “each country is different” and that “there are many singularities in terms of consumers, just as there are in terms of the wines we produce.” 

For the Director, “it is about opening the eyes so that each winery adapts its commercial strategy” since there are markets that opt for organic products and “the wineries of Ciudad Real are preparing for it.” 

“There are markets that choose reds, others that go in for whites and others for rosés. What matters is that our wineries know what each consumer demands in the different markets,” he added.

In that pertaining to the interest of the different continents in Spanish wine, he stated that the African market is experiencing “quite significant growth.” According to the expert, Latin America and in particular the Brazilian market are experiencing very important increases for our wineries.” He also highlighted that in the Asian and European markets “wine also triumphs.”  

and viticulturist Mª Antonia Fernández Daza, Director of Content from Baco Multimedia, Marcelo Copello, expert for WSET Diploma Napa Valley Wine Academy, Monika Bielka-Vescovi, and the Executive Director for Darwina.pl, Zbigniew Kawalec.

Presented by the Director of the Ciudad Real Chamber of Commerce, José María Cabanes, the event featured Bielka-Vescovi for the first intervention. She pointed out consumption of Spanish wine in the United States, with California representing the state where it is most consumed. The expert also underlined that in that country consumers take varieties into account “because the market is changing” and there is “a great diversity of red wines.” 

Likewise, the value of wine is the most important thing for North American consumers, while there is also an increase in the percentage of consumption of organic wine, “one of the most important sectors” according to the expert.

Bielka-Vescovi has spoken about the challenges of Spanish wine in the country and, as she commented, the fact is that “there is a lack of knowledge and more education is needed in the markets about the quality of wine.” 

“We must educate on issues related to wine, raise awareness about it, packaging… all this works, but more knowledge needs to be provided to the consumer,” she added.

On his part, Copello, from Brazil, has underscored that “Brazilians are learning to drink wine” and that the country “is a great place to make money around wine”, since “there are still places where it has not reached.”  

Along these lines he explained that the profile of the usual wine consumer is in the luxury market and that they only know classic wine.

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