Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





Weintest presents its method of perfect information for conquering the German market

Florian Brunner, Director of GFW Weintest, and Peter Schelb, Representative for Tasting Sessions, have put forward their plan to help consumers understand the world of wine

14.05.2015 | 

Today at FENAVIN, National Trade Fair on Wine that is hosted in Ciudad Real, Florian Brunner and Peter Schelb, representatives of GFW Weintest, have presented a new method for evaluation and information on wines, the same with the important goal of bringing the product to the final consumer and reinforcing and consolidating its presence on the German market.

The idea behind this method is to provide the German consumer with information about wine or about the product, with information that is clear and easy to understand when they are about to make their purchases. In the opinion of these analysts, the first thing is to have the wine on the market and, the second is to take it to the consumer. Information is necessary for this and it must not all be left to the price. "The consumer is looking for simple and clear labels in which information about the quality of the wine can be found, as Germany is one of those countries that pays a lot of attention to these labels", they commented.

GFW Weintest was founded in the year 2012 and in 2014 it obtained the recognition of the state of Berlin, thus accrediting its professionalism to exercise on the German territory. Perfectly comparable with the guides that are already out on the international market, such as Parker and Peñín, the GFW Weintest, has a team of tasters who are absolute professionals and the tasting sessions are blind sessions with scores that range up to a value of 100 points. Brunner and Schelb have assured that with this method the characteristics of the wine are duly defined and clear information is offered to the consumer about the quality of the product, the same based on a combination of points and grades (good and very good), as using international reference tables these scores correspond to a silver medal (82 points or more) and gold medal (85 points or more). Likewise, the results are digitally published and available to the consumer via smartphone and other channels.

In the month of July they will be proceeding with an analysis of the wines of La Mancha, the same by way of an important tasting session at which all types of producers of wine from this geographic area can present themselves. An opportunity for our winemakers to take over the German market. The participants in the GFW Weintest will be able to benefit from this publication and from the results of the tests.