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Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





"How to sell wine in emerging countries without dying in the attempt"

Francisco Gómez Zarcero, Manager of Globalider, has provided the keys at FENAVIN on how to introduce wine sales in countries such as Mexico and Senegal

14.05.2015 | 

"How to sell wine in emerging countries without dying in the attempt: practical examples in Mexico and Senegal" has been the subject of the lecture imparted by Francisco Gómez Zarcero, Manager of Globalider, who along with the graphic arts and design company, Impresiona Rotulación, have provided a series of practical tips on how to achieve internationalization of the wineries and their wines.

The Spanish wine growing sector is undergoing a moment of expansion and international recognition, hence now is the time to start putting the means to open up new markets, according to that accredited by the company Globalider, a promoter of international business, work of which is to facilitate internationalization in some of the 40 countries in which it operates for wineries, more specifically for wineries from Ciudad Real and Toledo.

During his intervention, Gómez Zarcero has analyzed the situation of the industry in the markets of Mexico and Senegal, providing ten keys to create an international company. Among these he has highlighted the importance of adapting the image and the labeling of the wines, something that is fundamental in order to sell, as well as obtaining support for the same at the destination itself.

He also explained the methodology involved to introduce Spanish wines in these countries. Gómez Zarcero mentioned that choosing Mexico and Senegal as emerging countries responds to three reasons: "These are markets with scarce penetration of wines from Castilla-La Mancha and they are clearly two alternatives of diversification in foreign trade for our wineries, sales of which are very highly concentrated in the European market. Likewise, these are difficult markets that require physical commercial presence at the destination if results are to be obtained".

In that regarding Senegal, he mentioned that this is a country that is leading the economic area of the West African Economic and Monetary Union, which has undergone very interesting demographic and economic growth in the last few years and capital city of which, Dakar, is turning into a port of entry of merchandise for all of West Africa. France and Spain are basically the countries that sell on this market, in which, as yet, there is not too much competition. He specified that a 1 € bottle at origin costs the importer/distributor 2,90 €. The consumer in this African country tends more towards cheaper red wines with high alcohol content.

In the case of Mexico, with a population of 120 million, it represents one of the main destinations of interest for Castilla-La Mancha wineries; after all, he said, Spain is the first export country to Mexico. A 1 € bottle at origin can cost the importer/distributor 1,7 €.