Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





Fenavin Original Wine & Food, the heart of pairing at Fenavin

For the first time ever the trade fair is offering a space for pairing of wines from all of Spain with 90 agri-food products from the province of Ciudad Real

12.05.2015 | 

In its eighth edition Fenavin will be host to a different space, a space in which the sense of smell is the very first to succumb. To take a stroll through the Fenavin Original Wine & Food gallery, located at one of the corners of the Dionisos Pavilion, is to experience an interchanging emotion at every step. The penetrating aroma of cheese is left behind to give way to the alluring smell of the pickled produce, followed then by the sweetness on the nose of the fruit and marmalades, and on and on through ninety different agri-food products from the province of Ciudad Real, all of them paired with wines from all over Spain.

Nestled amongst the most daring of pairings we encounter the violet almond with a white Fogoso Bronce produced by Bodegas Verduguez in Villanueva de Alcardete, or a white wine with golden particles that turn it into a seductive wine or a beer infused marmalade with a Crianza red wine from Avila called Mmadre, produced by Bodegas Ausín. And yet the more traditional pairings are not missing either, as Manchego Cheese is undoubtedly the leading character of the gallery, with up to 37 brands that are offered in combination with the wine that best suits each one of them. All of them are a "marriage of convenience" so to say.

This new space sees the light with the intention of making the gastronomic wealth of the province of Ciudad Real known to all, and all this with Fenavin"s seal of approval, making the wine and the product shine in their best of lights, in the best of "senses".

The constant trickle of visitors has started very early in the morning, all of them curiously meandering among the showcases, letting themselves be tempted. Among them José Ayona and Manuel Carbajo, distributors that have just arrived from the Dominican Republic and who are visiting Fenavin for the first time. While tasting and pairing a Señorío de Guadianeja with a bunch of chips made by Hermanos Chacón, they mention: "this space is a wonderful idea and the fabulous presentation of the products has really surprised us, as is the case with the amount of game products on offer and above all the quality of the pairings".

Nearby María José Rodrigo and Gustavo Novil, from the Del Saz Winery from Campo de Criptana in Ciudad Real, show their interest in a pairing with pisto (typical Manchego stewed vegetable dish). "This gallery goes beyond wine, as it not only shows off the wine, but an entire culture, it boasts our culture and we can certainly be proud of the quality of our products", Novil categorically proclaims.

Noon is impending and the trickle of visitors in this space is starting to become a gush. The bottles of sparkling wines, txacolis, red wines and coupages gradually wane. Each one of the guests, wine glass in hand, serenely tastes the products and many of them are unable to hide the look of satisfaction as the wine and the flavors all come together in a flourish.

The Fenavin Original Wine & Food Space will continue open on Wednesday and Thursday, from 9.00 am to 12.00 pm.