Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





José Luis Bonet: "Spanish wine has to redouble its efforts during the next ten years in order to reach the privileged place that it deserves"

The President of Freixenet and of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce met with the media at FENAVIN

13.05.2015 | 

The President of Freixenet and of the Chamber of Commerce of Spain, José Luis Bonet, has been at FENAVIN participating in a round table, and before this he answered the questions posed by the media, during which he praised "the initiatives of public and private cooperation, such as ImpulsaCoop, between the Provincial Government of Ciudad Real and the Chamber of Commerce, which are going in the right direction, that is internationalization of the Spanish economy and, more specifically, of the wine industry in this case".

Bonet considers that "these initiatives have a sound base due to the quality of Spanish wine that makes it a winner in the world, quality that still needs the corporate effort of commercialization behind it. FENAVIN is a lever for this, as is likewise the case with Alimentaria in Barcelona, which is also a lever in the right direction, both aimed at taking over the global markets".

This recognized entrepreneur and winemaker is quite clear on the matter: "Spanish wine has to go out there and take over the global markets and fortunately it has already started, although it must redouble its efforts during the next ten years in order to reach a privileged place in the world, which is still does not have but indeed deserves".

In José Luis Bonet"s opinion, "we have a winning team and now we have to put the necessary driving force behind it so that it can place itself in a privileged place in the world. Spain has definitely carried out the technical revolution in the world of wine, in such a way that the quality-price ratio is the very best to be found globally, but now we must make an additional effort to reach that privileged position".

The President of Spain"s Chamber of Commerce is quite aware that "wine is a food product, it forms part of the Mediterranean diet, it is consecrated throughout the world as the very best, that is more than evident, although perhaps there is deficiency in the communication of this fact, in the transmission of the same, something that must still be done".

Alfonso Monsalve, President of the Provincial Association of Wine Growing Industries of Ciudad Real and Pau Roca, Secretary of the FEV (Spanish Wine Federation) also participated with Bonet in the round table, with Monsalve singing the praises of José Luis Bonet as one of the most highly respected persons in the world of wine in our country and the most knowledgeable in trending issues, such as the current debate in Europe on whether wine should be taxed as alcohol or as a food product, internationalization, the Spain brand, etc.

"There are not many here at FENAVIN who have such in-depth knowledge of the wine industry as Bonet has, and on issues such as the upcoming Contract to sell grapes as a perishable product; or the threat, against which the directors of the Spanish Wine Federation are fighting, in that pertaining to labeling that includes analysis tables and other information on the back label; or the issue of prices, with a lack of balance between the price of the grapes and the price of the wine; or the important challenge involving commercialization of more bottled Spanish wine and reduction of bulk wine", Alfonso Monsalve affirms.