Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





Nora Z. Favelukes comments that she considers FENAVIN a "business trade fair" and she praised the Wine Gallery, deeming it to be "unique and extraordinary"

The President of QW Wine Experts has explained the main characteristics and market trends of the American market, a market undergoing growing expansion with more than 90 million consumers.

13.05.2015 | 

Today at FENAVIN Nora Z. Favelukes, President of QW Wine Experts, has been in charge of explaining the main characteristics, trends and opportunities of the wine market in the United States, one of the most dynamic and attractive export markets for the promotion and sale of wines from around the world, since it is the number one consumer with 302 million cases of wine sold, and in which Spain is situated as the fifth supplier of imported wine in value and sixth in volume, the same according to data obtained from the ICEX.

A market that is also under constant expansion, Favelukes has pointed out, with a total of 92 million consumers, of which 33% correspond to high frequency consumers and with young people representing the driving force behind this consumption.

Favelukes has also stressed the fact that the greatest percentage of wine is consumed in the home in the United States, with the figure reaching 68%, while 15% consume wine in restaurants and only 4% consume wine in other sorts of venues, hence the importance of taking into account sales in liquor stores.

She has likewise put forward a series of tips for the main wineries that want to start doing business on the American market, indicating that they should first "evaluate their portfolio to identify the potential of their wines, the same based on an excellent quality-price ratio", while in turn pointing out the need for "sound commercial policies, consistency and patience". And she pointed out that this is because the main difficulty resides in the legislative complexity given the fact that it is a federal country with 50 states, with regulations that vary from one state to another, hence "one must have good knowledge of the legislation in order to comply with the regulation and time periods, and then everything else will be easy", she assured.

Finally during this interesting conference, which has been coordinated by the Chamber of Commerce of Ciudad Real, she suggested that "a relationship, a "partnership" should be created with the importer: it is important to visit the market and develop incentives to promote sales with the importer and with the network of distributors".

"Fenavin, an excellent example of the entire Spanish wine industry"

The President of QW Wine Experts comments that at FENAVIN she has encountered "a business trade fair, which represents an excellent example of the entire Spanish wine industry", putting special emphasis on the Wine Gallery, that she deems to be "unique and extraordinary", pointing out that it is a magnificent tool that allows one to become acquainted with all the wines of a region or with a varietal and then one can directly contact with the wineries that are of interest.

Favelukes, who first visited FENAVIN in the year 2013, assures that at this edition she has found the trade fair to be even more concise, praising its soundness, quality and dimension.