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United States, a growing market with great perspectives for Spanish wines

The Regional Federation of Wines, Spirits and Musts of Castilla-La Mancha (FEVIN) holds its third forum at FENAVIN

13.05.2015 | 

The Regional Federation of Wines, Spirits and Musts of Castilla-La Mancha (FEVIN) has held its forum within the frame of FENAVIN, the National Trade Fair on Wine, which is being held from May 12th to the 14th at the Trade Fair Pavilion in Ciudad Real, for the third consecutive year, the same to analyze, from a practical approach, the wine market in the United States, a growing market in which Spain is situated in the fifth place as supplier of imported wine in value and sixth in volume, according to the latest information recorded by the ICEX.

The Secretary General of FEVIN, Pablo Cabellos, has considered the presence of the federation at FENAVIN as a very positive experience, hence the organization of its Third Forum, given that the results of the previous editions "have been fully satisfactory". While at a business level he points out that the contacts that are being made are very good, even if "we have to work on them before, during and after the trade fair".

Pablo Cabellos points out that the goal of the forum is to pragmatically put forward the particularities of the American market, making its regulations and the different technical and legal difficulties that any winery that wants to start selling in the United States has to confront known to all, as "it is a very powerful market, with very trust-worthy buyers, although it also counts with its own regulations and links".

The forum has counted with the presence of FEVIN"s President, Bienvenido Muñoz, who apart from welcoming all those attending and thanking the lecturers for their intervention, has stressed the importance of the United States as a growing market, with great perspectives for the Spanish winemakers, in which "the quality of the wines and the brands as added value must be defended".

The manager of the winery Bogarve 1915, which currently works on the American market, Manuel García de la Cruz has been one of the lecturers, along with the Representative for Wine Management at the ICEX, Alfonso Janeiro. The first, Manuel García de la Cruz, has commented his personal experience on the North American market since the year 2012, "a market in which it is only possible to enter with great quality wines, as there is no other way to do it", he mentioned. He also explained that his winery has focused on three areas: the east coast, specifically in the states of New York and Miami and in Washington; the west coast (Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles) and the southern area (Texas, and more specifically, Houston and Dallas).

On his part Alfonso Janeiro has focused on a few insights into the North American market based on the experience of the ICEX, stressing the necessary steps that must be taken to export wines to the United States and the different tools and means that are available to wineries interested in doing business on this market. He pointed out that the characteristics that the consumer in the United States takes into account are in the first place the grape variety, in the second place the recommendation or word of mouth and, in the third place, the prestige of the brand.

In short, this has been an eminently practical forum in which the positive side has been the experience of those who are already operating on this market and that, from a personal and approachable point of view, has been transferred to all those attending.