Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





"The Brazilian market is still not familiarized with Spanish wine"

Thus it is affirmed by Ricardo Bohn Gonçalves, owner of the direct sales company RBG Vinhos, in Brazil, who will be imparting the conference "How to reach the consumer firsthand through direct sales and how to create a brand in Brazil"

10.04.2015 | 

According to the latest ICEX (Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade) Report, the Brazilian market is a promising place for Spanish wine, as this is the only market that has actually grown in terms of volume and value during the years 2013 and 2014, as has also been the case with French wines. Despite this Spanish wine continues to be the great unknown, affirms Ricardo Bohn Gonçalves, owner of the direct sales company RBG Vinhos, who will be offering a conference on the possibilities of improving penetration on the Brazilian market by way of direct sales, apart from the possibilities of creating a brand in Brazil, with the chat taking place on May 13th at 11 am at FENAVIN.

As he explained during an interview with the organization, in his opinion "development of a wine brand (branding) is very important, although with a bit more of an effort it is also possible to sell unknown wines. Selling a wine that everybody knows about is easy, but where one can really see the expertise and know-how is when we work with other wines".

For a Spanish producer at this time the situation is marked by the growth of the Brazilian middle class, hence the level of consumption of wine has increased, although the culture of wine is not very highly developed as yet, even though there is important potential for expansion. Also, according to the mentioned ICEX report, there is an increase in the number of "wine bars", specialized stores and a greater offer of wines in the supermarkets, all of which indicates that there are strong perspectives in sight.

The image of Spanish wine is associated to quality products and the wines that are being purchased in Brazil correspond to the middle or high range, although, as pointed out by Gonçalves, "the problem, in general, is that Spanish wine is unknown on the Brazilian market".

Hence, the way to penetrate the market and make Spanish wine known on the social media in Brazil is "by doing a good job and ensuring that all photographs, descriptions and opinions are painstakingly well done, as this is very important", points out Gonçalves, who will be visiting the trade fair for the second time, an opportunity that he is "very excited" about.