Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





"On social media, when everything is said and done, what is really important is the story, and with wine this is absolutely fundamental"

This is what the German journalist Jürgen Schmücking has said.¨ Jürgen Schmücking will be offering a conference on how to penetrate the Austrian and German Market with the support of the social media networks on May 12th at FENAVIN

20.03.2015 | 

The German Journalist Jürgen Schmücking, specialist in social media, on May 12th at FENAVIN will be offering some of the crucial keys that Spanish wine producers should be handling if they want to penetrate the Austrian and German markets, this with the support of blogs, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, among others.

In his opinion what is truly fundamental in order to advocate wines on social media networks "when all is said and done is to tell the story that is behind it all". As he details, currently there are many influential blogs in Austria and Germany and increasingly more recommendations, as the journalists are not only writing posts in their own blogs, but also through the microblog channels. Hence it is due to this reason, and with regards to the advantages of a winery having presence on the German and Austrian social media, that Schmücking highlights the importance of first establishing a strategy.

"Presence on social media can be attained either by being an active part of the social media –knowing if it is the actual winegrower participating in the social media, I ask myself-, or allowing bloggers or journalists to carry out this work. But then the winegrower must support them as best he can. Both paths are attractive and it really depends on the personality of the viticulturists, on the direction they decide to take. There are rules for both modalities, and there are also tools that are easy to learn and use".

With regards to whether he believes that the opinions of the bloggers are a determining factor in the consumers" purchase decision, in his opinion "this will depend on the reputation and on the impact factor that the blog or blogger has. Serious bloggers are capable of creating some relevant demand, although this always translates into an increase in sales on the short term. What is actually more important in the marketing process is the story behind the product and certain measures in order to have presence on the networks".

Although Schmücking has never visited the trade fair, he knows all about it thanks to the enologist and expert in spirits and beverages Arthur Nägele, and he considers that "the trade fair"s list of exhibitors is impressive".