Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019






The 8th Edition of the National Trade Fair on Wine has been presented at the Provincial Government Seat

16.03.2015 | 

The Provincial Government Palace has been the setting this morning for the presentation of the National Trade Fair on Wine, which this year reaches its 8th Edition and will be taking place from May 12th to May 14th. The President of the Provincial Government and of the event itself, Nemesio de Lara, in the company of the Institutional Coordinator and the Director of FENAVIN, José Fernando Sánchez Bódalo and Manuel Juliá, respectively, have also offered all sorts of very relevant information and the figures of this important exhibition event, which in 2015 aims at reaching 180,000 commercial contacts with the fine-tuning of the buyer"s program, representing 8% more than in the 2011 edition.

This is one of FENAVIN"s basic novelties, although it has also put in a special effort so as to delve into the mature markets and on opening up the trade fair to new and interesting potential markets, on improving the "Contact With" program and on promoting the agri-food products of the province through FENAVIN Original. Other goals, as De Lara has explained, are achieving that the trade fair for business and trade par excellence will serve as a forum for debate in which the threats and potentials will be analyzed, revitalizing the domestic wine market, providing the best possible instrument for Ciudad Real, Castilla-La Mancha and Spain to promote and sell our wine and to offer a place for the cultural promotion of wine.

De Lara, who has recalled that the trade fair has consolidated itself as the best possible platform for foreign commercialization of wine in Spain, indicating that there is an "overwhelming" demand from the exhibitors who want their presence to be felt in the 29,200 square meters of exhibition space, 20 less than in the past edition because the construction of a church in the La Granja district has forced us to concentrate the wineries in one pavilion less, hence in this edition of FENAVIN there will be 7 pavilions. Despite this all the parameters are on the rise. There will be 1,361 exhibitors, 12% more than in 2013, of which 694 are from the region, among them 311 from the province of Ciudad Real. And 310 wineries have been left on the waiting list, 13% more than two years ago.

On the other hand De Lara has explained that the arrival of 15,200 buyers is foreseen, representing 18% more than in the past edition, of which 12,000 are from Spain itself, once again 23% more. And 3,200 international buyers coming in from 65 countries, four more than in 2013. The Business Center will be working with 800 buyers arriving from each and every corner of the planet, all this in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Ciudad Real and the ICEX (Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade). Also, the Wine Gallery, sponsored by Globalcaja, will be offering 1,400 brands in comparison with the 1,335 brands of the previous edition, hence 10% more.

With the "Contact With" system, the idea is to reach the figure of 5,000 previously arranged meetings, as the program will be in operation from the beginning of April right through to the last day of the trade fair. This year this computer tool is ready to bring in almost 4,100 distributors and buyers, all this handled by the organization, apart from those who arrive all on their own.

And with the new space FENAVIN ORIGINAL WINE & FOOD the idea is to give rise to a new method of contact among the buyers with agri-food products from the province, all this paired with the wines that are on display at the trade fair. There will be 96 agri-food companies from the province of Ciudad Real.

De Lara has also commented that the organization is preparing an Activities Program that, apart from sessions and informative lectures on how to improve exporting to different countries or on the latest marketing trends and new technologies to optimize the sale of wine, will also include different spaces in which the important figures of the world of literature, film, sports, health and the media will be transmitting their passion for the culture of wine and the added value that moderate consumption can provide to the life of the Spanish people.

This year it is foreseen that some great writers and poets will be coming in, such as Almudena Grandes, Luis Antonio de Villena, Jaime Siles or Jesús Munárriz; along with important names from the world of cinema such as José Luis Cuerda; Concha Cuetos or Emilio Gutiérrez Caba; journalists of recognized prestige such as Olga Viza, José Ribagorda, Luis del Olmo or Marta Robles, and international journalists such as Liam Campbell, specialized journalist with the Irish Independent or Robert Joseph, one of the most influential international consultants on wine in the world; and athletes such as Conchita Martínez, among others.

Likewise another series of outstanding personalities from the world of wine will be participating at FENAVIN, such as the President of Freixenet, José Luis Bonet, or the Winemaker Carlos Falcó; and the prestigious Enologists Raúl Pérez or Álvaro Palacios. This edition will again count with the presence of the great sommelier Custodio Zamarra and the Master of Spanish Wine Pedro Ballesteros, as well as the Economist Ramón Tamames; Rafael del Rey, Director of the Spanish Observatory of the Wine Market and Pau Roca, Secretary of the Spanish Wine Federation, among others.

And continuing with another matter, the President of FENAVIN has wagered on achieving added value for our wine exports. As an example he has mentioned that Spain exports more than France and, yet, in 2014 exports in Spain reached 2,600 million Euros, while in France they reached 7,726. He has also highlighted the fact that yields have increased in the region in an extraordinary way. "We have been choosing production, competing with quantity rather than with quality, although we are capable, and we have more than proven this, to produce with a high level of quality", De Lara said, then adding that "as a region we are leaders in the exporting of wines, although this figure does not actually correspond with the recuperated value".

After commenting that liberalization of the plantations may give rise to an added danger, he has affirmed that FENAVIN"s role has marked out the rate of wine exports from Spain and Castilla-La Mancha. He does not believe that it is a mere coincidence that in the year 2000 Spain exported 1,018 million liters of wine and that in 2014 it has sold another 2,544 million liters to other countries. And Castilla-La Mancha in this period has gone from exporting 202 million liters of wine to 1,281, which is 354% more.

On the other hand he also pointed out that FENAVIN has contributed as a global platform so that our qualities can be compared with others, hence leaving behind the old complexes we had. And he also mentioned that it has injected the sector with the will to export in a more professionalized manner and this without even having to move from Ciudad Real itself.

De Lara then concluded by saying that the real cost of FENAVIN stands at 2,4 million Euros, although he made it quite clear that this figure would be far less if Ciudad Real could count with a new trade fair pavilion.