Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





FENAVIN promotes FENAVIN Original, a new space for the pairing of wines and agrifood products

The registration period is now open for agrifood companies from Ciudad Real to register their products

04.02.2015 | 

In its eight edition, which will be taking place in Ciudad Real from May 12 to May 14, the National Trade Fair on Wine will be promoting a new space, Fenavin Original Wine & Food, in which all sorts of agrifood products exclusively from the province of Ciudad Real will be maximized and promoted, the same in perfect pairing with the wines that will be available at the Trade Fair.

The period for registration is now open so that all agrifood companies from Ciudad Real that want to participate in this new project can register their products on the following website:

FENAVIN"s President, Nemesio de Lara, in his keenness to support the province"s agrifood companies, is encouraging these to "form part of this project that we are putting underway with much hope and with the conviction that our food products can reach the entire world and also exhilarate all those trying them".

"Fenavin Original Wine & Food will provide the opportunity to those companies with agrifood products that are susceptible to be paired with wines to attend this unique space with their products so that they can be displayed along with the wines at the Trade Fair, hence allowing them to come into contact with the more than 700 international buyers that are expected at this edition, giving way to synergies between them and broadening their commercial contacts in an unprecedented ambience", De Lara informs.

He also assures that this new initiative is a small-scale alternative to España Original, the National Trade Fair on Denominations of Origin and Other Quality Indications, which was not held in the year 2014 due to a lack of financial support.

"The Government of Ciudad Real continues to come up with new programs to support all the companies of the agrifood sector, this so that they can continue to open up new markets and take advantage of the international business opportunities that exist, as only the international and national buyers coming in to FENAVIN will be able to attend Fenavin Original", the President of the trade fair adds.

The exhibitors participating in FENAVIN and that will be displaying their wines in the Wine Gallery will also benefit from this new space, hence they will be able to register their wines so that perfect pairing sessions can take place with the agrifood products of the province of Ciudad Real that are present in this new space.

Registrations made on the part of the exhibitors and agrifood companies participating in this project will give rise to a list with the wines and another list with the food products. The trade fair"s organization will design a computer tool, similar in use to the "Contact With" Program, in order to optimize contacts between the wineries displaying their wines at FENAVIN ORIGINAL and the agrifood companies that register their products in this new space, with said products being limited to a maximum of two per company.

In as far as the business hours, FENAVIN ORIGINAL will be open, exclusively for buyers, from 09:00 to 12:00 hours.