Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





"Currently FENAVIN is the best international trade fair dedicated to Spanish wine that exists"

Eduardo Peña, Delegate of the National Trade Fair on Wine in Japan

06.02.2015 | 

The delegate for FENAVIN in Japan, Eduardo Peña, asserts that the National Trade Fair on Wine "is undoubtedly the best international trade fair dedicated to Spanish wine that currently exists. After its seven editions it is well known and appreciated throughout the entire world". There are other very important trade fairs, but none of them reach this exclusive level of dedication to Spanish wine". FENAVIN will be taking place from May 12 to May 14 at the Trade Fair Pavilion in Ciudad Real.

The Japanese delegation that will be attending the biannual trade fair is mainly made up by importers-distributors that are specialized in wine, as in Japan there are still very few retail chains that directly import wine.

The goal of these importers is to "find wines that have a distinctive and original touch, from a production area or corresponding to a grape varietal that is not quite as well known, a different design, wines with awards and recognitions… and, always, wines that are good value for money", Peña comments.

One of the pieces of advice that FENAVIN"s delegate in Japan suggests to the Spanish wineries for the promotion and winning-over of Japanese importers is that they should "highlight the distinctive characteristics in each case; they should tell their story; they should express the optimism with which they produce their wine; they should participate in contests and win awards. In short, they should be made known by all media". And all of this is indeed possible with a good "advertising campaign that elevates the image and perception of Spanish wine as a quality wine", he adds.

"In general consumption of wine is gradually on the increase, in particular Spanish wine, which is growing at great speed: about an annual 20% during the last four or five years. The level of prices of Spanish wine that is being sold is also on the increase, although there is still quite a ways to go in this sense", he explains.

He also reveals that "some experienced consumers are capable of evaluating the quality of the wine they purchase, although the average Japanese consumer does not really understand much about wine and the Japanese consumer is also confronted with a wide-ranging overwhelming offer of products from around the world, hence they end up choosing the wines in accordance to the country or area of production, the price or according to the design of the label…".

The perception of Spanish wines in Japan "is getting much better, although we must continue to make an effort to elevate the image of quality of Spanish wine". In this sense he proposes that when Spanish wineries want to sell their wine "they should dedicate more resources to creating an image, to promotion and to marketing. The wine that is made in Spain is already good. Now we have to sell it", he underlines.