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Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





Krisztián Katona, Hungarian wine buyer, is looking to personally try out Spanish wines while at FENAVIN

Krisztián Katona, owner and representative for Purchasing at BORHÁLÓ LTD, one of the most important specialized wine chain stores in Hungary, will be coming in to FENAVIN-2015 for the first time, where he will be looking to acquire new knowledge about Spanish wines so that they can then find a niche on the Hungarian market.

30.01.2015 | 

Q.- What factors were taken into account when deciding to visit FENAVIN?
A.- The Borháló franchise (which has 45 stores throughout the country) has always given important consideration to development and innovation in this changing outlook of the world of wine. We are a company that appreciates the value of tradition and the quality of our Hungarian legacy, although we also value the characteristics of the wine producers in other countries and their perception of taste and their understanding of quality. The Spanish tradition has deep roots in history, in which, in general, wines are known because they form part of the gastronomic wealth of the country. This is why we are interested in introducing this on the Hungarian market at a much larger scale. Hence, we are impatient to get to know more about the methods of the producers, both in that pertaining to the technologies involved in packaging and logo trends, as well as the consumption habits on Spanish wine.

Q.- What goals do you want to achieve by attending the FENAVIN trade fair?
A.- There is no doubt that we are raring to find local wines and understand the characteristics of the regions. This will help us to have greater knowledge on the type of wines that best fit into the Hungarian market and, I hope and firmly believe that by the end of FENAVIN I may just have achieved these goals. We are also very interested in the new technological solutions that could be introduced in Hungary; innovation on how to obtain bottled and stored quality wines, and not only the traditional bottling method, but other types of formats that may be interesting to us.

Q.- What is the current situation with wine in Hungary?
A.- Wine has always been important for Hungary, a country with a great variety of soils, many wine growing regions and an important microclimate that allows for the production of excellent grapes. This image is also part of the country"s self-worth and national heritage. In particular as of the decade of the nineties our wine culture started to develop, and now it is frankly flourishing, with a new generation and a new boost behind it with ideas and tendencies that are starting to help and shape today"s culture of wine. Hungary is a "patriotic wine" country, which of course does not mean that imported wines are considered to be of less importance. In fact, we have great interest in discovering the offer of other countries as well, which is precisely what we are looking for at FENAVIN.

Q.- How are Spanish wines received in Hungary? What perception do Hungarian consumers have of Spanish wines?
A.- We also consider that there are great opportunities with Spanish wines ever since the supermarkets here started to wager on importing wines, mainly from Italy, Australia and South America. The fluctuation in qualities and prices in these large stores has led to a sort of deception in as far as what the consumer really wants. In the case of wines from France, New Zealand and Spain, the buyers have sensed less of that bureaucracy involved in the consumption ideas of supermarkets, as they have also seen how these wines are not actually integrated in the chain stores. Consumers of wine in Hungary are less familiarized with Spanish wines and I consider FENAVIN to be the perfect place to make these wonderful Spanish products known to the consumer in Hungary.


Q.- What difficulties does Spanish wine face in as far as the Hungarian consumer is concerned?
A.- In the wine market the most important aspect when indulging the clientele is confidence, consistency and effectiveness, presenting them with the best possible service and quality. In the first place I consider that in order to introduce them they have to first be known on the Hungarian market. This is a main goal that is worth focusing on. Now that we have slowly started to learn more about ourselves and about the characteristics of what our land has to offer, I do believe the time has come to obtain more knowledge of what is being offered beyond our borders.

Q.- What are the marketing formulas for selling wine to the Hungarian consumer?
A.- Our main concept resides in the personal relationship with the clients and on helping them to become familiarized with the wines, which also includes tasting them to improve the knowledge. When the consumers come to our stores they have the impression that they are in a wine cellar. We not only present the wines but we also recommend the best pairing possibilities; we tell them about the occasion on when the wines should be enjoyed, in a simple way and always in keeping with the best intentions, and of course in a friendly way, also likewise adapting to the character of the particular client. This is why we consider that it is very important to have close contact with the consumer. We organize many events in which the clients get to personally meet with the wine producers and in places where the myth behind wine can best be discerned.