Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





"FENAVIN allows you to make a wonderful journey through the world of spanish wine"

FENAVIN President De Lara, with Irish journalist Raymond F. Blake

FENAVIN President De Lara, with Irish journalist Raymond F. Blake

Colombian Víctor Manuel Vargas was among the international journalists attending the Fair

09.05.2013 | 

Specialist wine journalists from all over the world regard FENAVIN as one of the best sector fairs that they have seen in Europe. It gave them complete freedom to explore the entire event, and sample and enjoy a plethora of wines from all over Spain, without hassles and restrictions.

This according to journalist Marc Vanel from Brussels wine publication "Wan Wallonie Magazine", also a contributor to Belgian National Radio program "Bientôt a la table". During his visit, his second to FENAVIN, he met with a number of exhibitors who expressed "their favourable impression of the Fair and the feeling that it was the perfect place to do business".

According to Vanel, FENAVIN is one of the best wine fairs in Spain because of its wide range of wines. He commented that during the Fair he had tasted and recorded information about 300 wines. Vanel praised the professional nature of the event and the fact that it was focused on the sector with "only wineries" and no peripheral industry presence, creating a calm event where everything is at hand.

Furthermore, he highlighted the importance of the Wine Gallery, a place where you could go from wine to wine without being disturbed by exhibitors. He said that it "gave me the freedom to catalog a wine and sing its praises if it was excellent, but also to mark it down without having to face the winery owner right in front of me".

The Belgian journalist noted that the Wine Gallery labels did not include the price of a wine although they had in the past. However, he appreciated the increase in small wineries present and left with the impression that white wine quality had improved since FENAVIN 2011. He also praised the facilities provided at the venue, which was all Internet-enabled. He said that the Business Centre was an ideal place to rest - "I used it to sit down", and that he would "only be able to make positive and satisfied comments" about the event, as well as "about how much I have seen Spanish wine evolve".

Irish journalist Raymond F. Blake from "Food & Wine Magazine', the nation's only wine publication, visited FENAVIN for the first time and left with a favourable opinion of its setup. He highlighted the Wine Gallery, a space he regarded as unique and comfortable for wine tasting. He said, "I came to the Fair mainly to see how it worked as I didn't know of another similar event and was curious".

He thought that the size of the Fair was an advantage as it is "manageable compared to others", with plenty of space, wide corridors and no crowds, "which gave me the time to visit plenty of exhibitors. I think it is very positive that it is exclusively a trade fair as this gives it a professional profile".

As for the wines that interested him, Blake opted for Galician wines, and albariño in particular, which he thought very fresh, pleasant on the palate and "much admired by the Irish, maybe because of the climatic similarities between the two regions". He also enjoyed the opportunity to sample a 1905 Montilla Moriles and was pleasantly surprised that there was a wine over 100 years old.

Blake said that Riojas, Riberas, cavas and albariños are the best known wines in Ireland, although good Castilla-La Mancha wines are also available. They are less popular however, indicating that wine drinkers do not know their providence.

Colombian journalist Víctor Manuel Vargas Silva, Editor of the Sunday edition of the Diario de Bogotá, said that he was impressed by the event because "FENAVIN allows you to make a wonderful journey through the world of Spanish wine". He was particularly taken with the Wine Gallery; "the place where you can go on the journey", adding that the Fair is exactly the right size; manageable with enough information points to help the visitor.

This was his first visit to the Fair and he left with a favourable impression of both its content and the meetings he held with winery owners, whom he found to be serious professionals, open, generous and curious to know more about his country and trade opportunities. He is convinced that FENAVIN is establishing itself as Spain's great wine fair.

Ivo Kozarcanin, editor and critic for the "24 Sata" newspaper, one of Croatia's most important papers, and writer of the wine blog, visited FENAVIN for the first time. He came because he was interested in Spanish wines which are not as available in Croatia as Italian or French vintages, even though cavas and Rioja wines are highly rated.

Kozarcanin labeled the Wine Gallery as "excellent, giving you the chance to try a lot of wines in a short period". He noted that the layout was similar to Prowein, "but the Ciudad Real fair is bigger, being five times larger than the German fair". He sampled both red wines and sparkling wines in the Wine Gallery.
He said that if you compare FENAVIN to other events "only Prowein is on a par because the two are all about trade while Vinexpo and Vinality are more about image". After visiting the Spanish National Wine Fair he commented that he would love to see a similar event in Croatia, where there are fairs around the country but no national event.

Kozarcanin ended by stating that he would tell all his colleague at homes not to miss the next FENAVIN wine fair.

De Lara, satisfied

For FENAVIN President Nemesio de Lara, "it is very satisfying to hear the favourable opinions of FENAVIN held by sector professionals and specialist journalists". He noted how important it is to allow them to work in comfort and access sector information while they are at the Fair, stating that "it is the best way to accurately communicate the quality of Spanish wines and especially the wines of our region and province. We know the standard of our wines and it is vital that others talk about them both within Spain and outside our borders".