Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





FENAVIN 2013 gives the Spanish wine industry a strong boost with 166,790 business contacts.

Provincial Council and Fair President Nemesio de Lara gave a very positive appraisal of the three days of intensive work at FENAVIN 2013, defended the public sector initiative, backed up by "undeniable" private sector support, as well as making a call for future institutional support

The number of business contacts at FENAVIN 2013 grew by 19.5%, with the number of buyers present up by 5.33% to 12,830; 9,778 Spanish and 3,025 international buyers

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The seventh FENAVIN Spanish National Wine Fair ended after three days of intensive activity and the achievement of its goals: To boost wine trade and promote wine consumption. This according to Fair and Provincial Council President Nemesio de Lara, speaking during the traditional post-event press conference along with Institutional Coordinator José Fernando Sánchez Bódalo and Fair Director Manuel Juliá. He said that in his opinion, "the undeniable success of the fair" allowed him "to speak proudly about the value of a public sector initiative that boasts the undeniable support of the private sector". He highlighted the current importance of institutional cooperation to make projects happen that, as in the case of FENAVIN, "give the provincial economy a boost under the wider Spanish umbrella, and use public funds to provide clear benefits to people". Furthermore, he declared himself convinced that there will be an eighth FENAVIN event "as preparations start tomorrow Friday".

De Lara proudly went through the achievements of the Fair, beginning with the 77,643 people who registered during the event, of which 44,142 registered as professional visitors, an increase of 5.1% on the previous event.

The total number of buyers at FENAVIN 2013 grew by 5.33%, according to the President, to 12,830. Of these, 3,052 were international buyers, a figure that grew by 9.49% compared to the previous event. The number of attending national buyers grew by 3.49% to 9,778. The buyers held meetings with 1,214 exhibitors, 619 of them from the region, 278 from Ciudad Real. In this way, said De Lara, 166,790 business contacts were made, a 19.5% increase from the previous event. A conservative estimate is of four contacts daily and thirteen during the whole Fair per professional attendee.

As for the Contact With … software tool that allowed attendees to prearrange business meetings, it allowed for 6,137 meetings to be organized prior to the Fair. Of these, 3,857 took place on the first day, a number equivalent to the total number of meetings during the entire 2011 event.

Buyers rate the fair an 8.66 out of 10

De Lara highlighted that the buyers gave this year's Fair a very high rating of 8.66 out of ten and the Wine Gallery an 8.13. The Fair President also noted that 452 people from 25 supporting companies, 23 of them from Ciudad Real, had worked at the event, "an important figure during times like these".

He also noted the number of speakers who participated in the 71 activities that took place during FENAVIN 2013; a total of 231. As for the Wine Gallery, De Lara stated that 13,000 people had attended and that 19,000 bottles of wine had been used from the storerooms.

Innovative labels

The Fair President noted the originality of many of the displayed wines' labels, with names such "Cat testicle", for a wine made from tiny bunches of grapes, 'Ola k ase', (equivalent to How R U) and 'Green with envy'.

As for concrete figures about trade deals, the President highlighted that Carlos Falcó, President of the Great Wine Estates of Spain and owner of the Marqués de Griñón Family Estates, made a contact on the first day of the Fair with a Hungarian importer that is likely to result in a business deal in the near future. For Falcó, FENAVIN "is a place where doing business is virtually guaranteed".

De Lara also mentioned the case of María del Val Lozano of Albacete's Sánchez Muliterno winery, who personally thanked the Fair Management for the Contact With … software tool that allowed her to sign deals with two important Japanese companies; Kimura and the Four Seeds Corporation. Further examples of success include Ruedi Wildbolz, export manager at the Navarro López Winery, who made 60 Spanish and 30 important international contacts during the event, and Casimiro Sanz, manager of Ciudad Real's Vinos Colomán, who signed trade deals with Singapore, India, China and Mexico. The Nuestro Padre Jesús del Perdón Cooperative from Manzanares highlighted the professionalism of the buyers and his satisfaction with the contacts made during the event.

De Lara also noted the positive opinion of Britain's Laithwaites, the largest direct sales company in the world. Its Spanish wine selector Beth Willard told the Fair Management that, "at FENAVIN we find small and innovative wine producers that are not present at Vinexpo or Prowein"

Lastly, De Lara highlighted the case of the Catalan winery Canals y Munné. It's Export Manager Carmen Gómez told the Fair that "there would need to be a catastrophe to stop me from coming back" and that "FENAVIN had given Alimentaria a good ticking off". The winery sealed a deal to send a pallet of bottles to Florida, and another deal with a Polish buyer.

De Lara thanked the government team, the corporation, the companies and the workers that helped make FENAVIN a success, as well as the wineries, the buyers, the press, and supporting companies. He also thanked regional President María Dolores de Cospedal, ministers María Luisa Soriano and Carmen Casero, the General Secretary of the Castilla-La Mancha PSOE party Emiliano García Page, and all provincial and regional authorities for their presence at the event and the recognition that they had given "to the vital importance of FENAVIN, giving more prestige to the Fair".

The Fair's sponsoring companies were Globalcaja, Renfe, Iberia, Movistar, Agua del Rosal and AFEXPAN (Association for the Promotion of Pan de Cruz)