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Men and women of the world of cinema, music, and culture are all hooked on the prestige of wine

The musician José María Sanz Beltrán 'Loquillo', the writer Fernando Marías, the filmmaker Agustín Díaz Yanes and the sculptor Víctor Ochoa participated in the round table 'Wine and Men', which was coordinated by the writer Carmen Posadas, and represented the finishing touch to the sixth edition of FENAVIN

12.05.2011 | 

This time it was the men's turn at the second round table of the initiative "Once in the labyrinth, white or red, it's all the same", which also represented the finishing touch to the broad-ranging program of activities that has been hosted at Fenavin 2011. The filmmaker Agustín Díaz Yanes, the writer Fernando Marías, the sculptor Víctor Ochoa and the singer and writer José María Sanz Beltrán, Loquillo, all shared their wine experiences under the theme "Wine and Men", round table that was moderated by the writer Carmen Posadas. Each and every one of them has admitted that their initiation in the world of wine was a rather late one, with the exception of Fernando Marías, who has been a teetotaler for the last fifteen years.

Carmen Posadas classifies men in accordance to their drinks of preference

Posadas admitted her taste for wine and alcohol, which in the past she has used to classify men according to their preferences: "the Dry Martini man," "the Rum man", "the Whiskey man", "the Champagne man" and "the Wine man".

Victor Ochoa: Unless a man recognizes the label on the bottle, he is absolutely lost

On his part, the sculptor Víctor Ochoa has admitted that his initiation in the wine world was rather late in life, recalling that it actually took place when a winery commissioned a sculpture of his. "That was the moment when I was surprised to realize that wine has nothing to do with other beverages; wine is like a live being, a person, hence my piece of art work 'Vinea', which imitates the figure of a woman", he commented.

He also acknowledged that in matters of wine he lets himself be guided by his partner and by other expert recommendations, such as an winemaker acquaintance of his who said: "Unless a man recognizes the label on the bottle, he is absolutely lost."

Agustín Díaz Yanes and The Silence of the Lambs

The filmmaker Agustín Díaz Yanes pointed out that his introduction to the world of wine also came rather late, "as I used to drink Coca-Cola Light compulsively to the desperation of my father," however, thanks to the film producers "who used to make me smell the cork and would talk to me about wine," I started to drink red wine.

In the opinion of the filmmaker, the best scene on wine in the film world is the one with Anthony Hopkins in 'The Silence of the Lambs' when his character, Hannibal Lecter and Agent Starling (Jodie Foster) are talking and he confesses the pleasure he felt when: "I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti".

Men are not James Bond anymore

The change that the image of men is now undergoing was also discussed at the forum, in yearning of the legends of the past, such as James Bond or rock musicians. In this respect, Díaz Yanes spoke about the current difference between wine and the rest of spirit drinks in the film world, relating wine with more sophisticated and glamorous ambiences and spirit drinks with seamy lowly ambiences.

Loquillo likes red wine because he is a true carnivore

José María Beltrán, who is also known as 'Loquillo', explained that he was also a latecomer to the beverage that gives rise to the debate. "After drinking everything in sight, quite late in life really", basically due to two reasons: the lyrics of a Lou Reed song "… like a good wine, I'm better as I grow older" and last year at Sonorama, which was sponsored by Ribera del Duero wineries and where, after his performance, they presented him with a gift of several bottles with his name and photograph on the label. He also commented that he prefers red wine, "because I am a true carnivore."

At the round table 'Loquillo' was in charge of talking about the relationships of wine, and more extensively, of alcohol with music, and more specifically, with rock, at that time when this style of music was a way of life and not "the business that it has currently turned into." In the opinion of this veteran rock singer and following up on the idea of the film legends, the cliché of the typical drunk rock music composer is rather behind the times "because, of course one has to have fun when you go out at night, but you also have to think about tomorrow."

Fernando Marías' enigmatic coexistence with wine

There is no doubt that the writer Fernando Marías' current relationship with wine is indeed a curious story. Teetotaler for the last fifteen years due to health reasons, he admits that he has an enigmatic coexistence with this drink. The same which he actually started to consume quite young and now all he can do is smell it "with the heat that reaches my mind giving rise to an emotional state of ecstasy", to which he added that "it is easier to create after drinking a glass of wine…"

Precisely this capacity of wine to stimulate the mind when immersed in artistic activity was another of the topics that were discussed at the round table, in which they all gave their particular point of view, agreeing on the fact that moderate consumption of wine does activate the creative genius.

The final touch to the event has been to pool together the opinions of the two round tables in which the different points of view of men and women on diverse aspects in that pertaining to the relationship between the sexes and the different scopes of culture have been explained, bringing it all together with the fascinating world of wine.