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Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





FENAVIN has been the chosen forum to present the new association "El Arte de Beber" (The Art of Drinking)

This association, which saw the light just a month ago and that currently includes eight affiliated wineries from all of Spain, was officially presented at FENAVIN, the same with the goal of winning-over new wineries from both the region and the country

12.05.2011 | 

'El Arte de Beber' (The Art of Drinking), the new association created upon the initiative of the Association of Agri-Food Cooperatives of Spain, has been presented today at FENAVIN, the same with the goal of winning-over new Castellano-Manchego wineries and wineries from around the country. The main objective is to spread the word on the quality wines that the Spanish wineries and cooperatives are producing, apart from offering the consumer an exquisite selection of premium quality wines.

After a year of hard work 'El Arte de Beber' has been initially constituted with eight wineries from the entire Spanish geography, more specifically wineries from Jumilla, Montilla Moriles, Cataluña, Valencia, two from Aragón and another two from La Rioja Alavesa. "We are expecting a winery from Ribeiro and another from Extremadura to soon join the association," explained Nicolás Gómez Gil, vine growing technician of the Association of Agri-Food Cooperatives of Spain and coordinator of the event.

However, as of now we are working on focusing the promotion and awareness campaign among the remaining wineries, hence the Assembly that was hosted at Fenavin has served to approve the design of the new website that the association will have underway in just a few months and with which the idea is "to ensure continuous close contact between the public and the affiliates," Gómez Gil stated

The process involved in joining 'El Arte del Beber' is a simple one, as long as the wineries offer a good quality-price ratio and as long as they work in collaboration with the environment. On the other hand, the wines will have to pass quality controls in order to obtain the distinctive seal that this association grants. Hence, to become a member of the association the wineries must present those wines that can certify a series of qualitative characteristics. The same as good scores in wine guides of recognized prestige, be these national or international, or awards obtained in the contests that the wines have participated in. "In those cases in which the winery owners consider that their wines should be certified with the seal, but that do not have the required quality, these will have to evaluated by recognized experts in independent tasting sessions, such as for example the Spanish Union of Wine Tasters," added the technician of the Association of Agri-Food Cooperatives.

Nicolás Gómez underscored that the wineries and cooperatives have renovated their technology and human resources, "a facet that they have already achieved, hence the reason why they are producing good wines." However, at the Association of Agri-Food Cooperatives we believe that this commercial aspect should be developed even further. "Wines are good because the brands or the companies are granting them an added value, although, the idea is that the wineries and cooperatives should be the ones to revaluate their own wines."

'El Arte de Beber' has congratulated Fenavin for its work in the worldwide promotion that it has been carrying out for ten years now. "This is the best thing that Castilla-La Mancha could have done, as this is the leading wine producing region in Spain and the world."