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Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





"As journalists, we should take advantage of our image to promote wine beyond our borders"

Leading media professionals such as Paco García Caridad, Roberto Gómez, Ángel Cabeza and Juan Carlos Rivero, discussed their perception of Spanish wine at the round table "Wine and Journalists"

12.05.2011 | 

At the round table "Wine and Journalists", Juan Ignacio Gallardo, Assistant Director of the daily sports newspaper Marca; Paco García Caridad, Director of Radio Marca; Roberto Gómez, sports journalist of the daily sports newspaper Marca and Marca TV; Ángel Cabeza, editor of the daily sports newspaper Marca and Juan Carlos Rivero, sports news anchor for TVE, all discussed their perception of Spanish wine at FENAVIN 2011.

Included among the main topics that were undertaken by these leading media professionals were the relationship of wine with sports, the social culture of wine in Spain, wine as a food product, the health benefits of drinking wine in moderation and, mainly, the work of the journalistic profession in favor of promoting this product.

"As journalists, we should take advantage of our image to promote wine beyond our borders," Juan Carlos Rivero stated. This together with Paco García Caridad, who at Fenavin was distinguished as Ambassador of Wine along with the painter Antonio López and the national football team manager Vicente del Bosque, adding "I am only taking the floor to disseminate what is currently being done in the world of wine."

In this sense Juan Ignacio Gallardo assured that "the work of sports journalists should be more highly recognized, as we are an important element in that pertaining to spreading the word on the world of wine,". To which Roberto Gómez added that journalists are quite aware that this industry, the wine industry, is of utmost importance in our country and "we do indeed support it."

In that pertaining to the relationship of wine with sports, they all coincided on the intrinsic relationship that exists between these two elements. "Practicing sports represents a great effort, as is the case with making a good wine", assured TVE's sports news anchor. Continuing with the topic, the journalist for the daily sports newspaper Marca, explained how wine is usually an element that walks hand-in-hand with grand sports celebrations. "This is proof of the inseparable binomial of these two elements."

This final statement was linked to that said by Paco García Caridad, who presented wine as a food product that speaks of the land and that is representative of Spanish culture. This introduction was then picked up by the sports news anchor Roberto Gómez who explained the social values of wine as a referent in Spanish culture and in particular in La Mancha, quintessential land of vineyards. "Wine is an element of unity, of friendship. A glass of wine is synonymous of good vibes." Of course they all insisted on the fact that wine should be enjoyed in moderation.

Evolution of the wine sector

These important media professionals all showed themselves to be greatly satisfied with the evolution that the wine sector has undergone in the last few years, and in the evolution of the Spanish society in that pertaining to their knowledge of wine. It was in this sense that Ángel Cabezas proclaimed that taking our wines abroad was still an unfinished business for the sector. "We must make a great effort and sell our wines abroad and Fenavin just might be the best way to do this. I sincerely hope that wine will walk hand-in-hand with sports in the promotion of our country."