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Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





Microviña (Micro-Vine), the return of the smallholding, represents the foundations for reconstruction of the current economic model

At FENAVIN this year Juan Cascant Vicent, creator of this project that is born of the land, and Francisco Álvarez Molina, expert in economic matters, both proposed a recuperation of social, environmental and economic parameters

11.05.2011 | 

Microviña (Micro-Vine) was presented at FENAVIN today, representing a small project in comparison with globalization and the current economic model, which is, however, of great value as a pioneer initiative in the world of wine.

FENAVIN 2011 wants to give the project the importance it deserves and it is with this goal in mind that the trade fair invited Juan Cascant Vicent, owner of the Celler La Muntanya in Alicante, and Francisco Álvarez Molina, former Vice President of the Paris Stock Market and former Director General of the Valencia Stock Market. They have both been in charge of presenting the Microviña project, an initiative that saw the light in order to recuperate the agrarian culture of the smallholding and example to be followed in that pertaining to redefining of an economic model as of its foundations -from the bottom up- Álvarez Molina affirmed: "The need for the crisis is implicit in the genes of our current system. The cause is an anti-human and anti-natural model -from the top to the bottom- derived, among many other reasons, from the abandonment of our surrounding area to a more urban economy, which only understands money for money's sake, without taking into account social and environmental parameters that are inherent to man." Molina also considers that the consumer must participate and must be aware of what local production and all the relationships it generates really represents.

The Microviña project gathers together all the characteristics of this 'natural' economic model, which is born of the land in order to recuperate the smallholding landscape, and which just a few years ago actually represented Spain's territorial foundation. Its promoter, Juan Cascant Vicent, through this plan makes an example of the return to the fields, to the work of the small vineyard. A task that is profitable "from an economic point of view in order to recuperate biodiversity, the environment, culture, our identity and our landscape."

This initiative, which arose four years ago in the winery La Muntanya, located in the interior mountainous area of Alicante, represents an alternative to the current economic model. This Micro-Vine concept is now taking hold in other areas of Spain with similar characteristics, and different universities and public institutions are showing interest in investigating its projection. The concept truly represents a future wager that draws together the three scopes of the perfect economic model: social, economic and environmental parameters.