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Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





Charlie Arturaola: "The wines of Castilla-La Mancha have no reason to envy the wines of the French Languedoc or the Portuguese Alentejo"

The wine sommelier-educator of renowned international fame has been in charge of directing the three tasting sessions on Castilla-La Mancha wines, characterized by their excellent quality-price ratio

11.05.2011 | 

This morning the renowned wine sommelier-educator, Charlie Arturaola, who has been invited to Fenavin by the IPEX (Institute for Foreign Promotion of Castilla-La Mancha), was in charge of presenting three different tasting sessions on the region's wines: 'Pedigree Wines from Castilla-La Mancha', 'Wines that are Good Quality for Money… that will enthrall us' and 'The Battle of the Palate: White, Rosé and Red Bubbles'.

These three tasting sessions have provided the audience with the opportunity to go on an interesting tour of the wines made by great Manchego vine growing families; wines that hail a promising future on the international markets, this thanks to their excellent quality-price ratio; and on the wines that best represent some of the grape varieties that are cultivated in La Mancha -Malbec, Graciano, Syrah, Chardonnay and Airén/Macabeo. A very personal selection of wines, which given the sommelier's professional wealth of experience, covering more than twenty-five years traveling through all the world's wine regions, will undoubtedly have to be taken into consideration.

Arturaola also highlighted the great work that the trade fair is carrying out, "as it is a pleasure to come to this trade fair and see how year after year it continues to grow, and likewise come face-to-face with the 'great personalities' of the national and international wine scene. This trade fair has achieved what nobody else has been capable of: to open borders and business to the wineries of all of Spain." He also underscored his predilection for the Manchego region, which he defines as "the region in which the Old World and the New World link their hands together. A region and wines that have no reason to envy the wines of the French Languedoc or the Portuguese Alentejo."

Fifteen wines for the enjoyment of the senses

For the first tasting session: "Pedigree Wines from Castilla-La Mancha", Arturaola has selected Azua 2010, produced by Bodegas Vitivinos; Finca Antigüa Petit Verdot 2009, made by the Martínez Bujanda Family; Viña Albali Gran Reserva 2002, produced by Bodegas Felix Solís; Pura Sangre 2010, made by Bodegas Arúspide; and El Carril, a white wine produced by Bodegas Iniesta. In short, a selection of high-end wines, covering a diversity of styles and prices, wines made by great families of wine that have established themselves in this region and made by personalities from the world of sports, as is the case of Iniesta.

In the second session: 'Wines that are Good Quality for Money… that will enthrall us', the senior sommelier has included Yemanueva, made by Bodega La Tercia; Mureda Syrah 2010, produced by Bodegas Mureda; Dominio de Gardel 2010, produced by Bodegas Gardel; Mirador de Castilla 2008, made by Vinos & Bodegas and Los Galanes, produced by Bodegas Santa Catalina. These wines stand out for their excellent quality-price ratio, selling in the winery at prices standing between 1.48 € and 2.80 €, which the sommelier has defined as "wines for times of crisis." They are vibrant, modern wines that stand out for their great value and represent a perfect example of a job well done.

For the last tasting session: 'The Battle of the Palate: White, Rosé and Red Bubbles', Arturaola has chosen L'Ame Malbec 2008, made by bodegas Alto Landon; Graciano de Guzque 2008, produced by the Ramirez Ludeña Family; Allegro Syrah 2007, produced by Bodegas Uribe Madero; Blas Muñoz Chardonnay 2009, made by Bodegas Muñoz and Alcardet 2007, Airen/Macabeo varietal, produced by Bodegas Alcardet. These are great, modern wines, with character, smooth tannins and fruity aromas, "proving to the world that Manchego wines are elegant, structured and balanced, perfectly capable of competing with the great international wines."