Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





Fenavin's humanity is reflected in its new photography gallery

The images, which take us on an enjoyable tour, reveal the trade fair’s beginnings, ten years ago now, and how it is unfolding during these three days

11.05.2011 | 

Fenavin, with its innovative eagerness to humanize, has developed a new activity this year with reason of its tenth anniversary, the event's lifelong photography gallery, in which evolution of the trade fair can be seen, along with its prominent personalities, be these anonymous visitors, organizers, institutions and the representatives of the same.

This edition has taken an important step forward in numerous scopes, as is the case with internationalization or the capacity to bring together persons from different national and international geographic points in one same space. However, the trade fair's management and organization has not wanted to lose sight of the essence of what Fenavin represents for Ciudad Real, the region and those visiting the different exhibitors, some of whom have been steadfast visitors year after year.

The Ganímedes Pavilion is home to this exhibit in a space that overflows with guests, precisely because it is the pavilion's area of access and because it leads to the cafeteria and restaurant, hence it is of obligated passage for all those intensely enjoying the trade fair who want to have a bite to eat or take a rest in these two areas. So there you have it, visitors can enjoy a friendly, interesting and curious tour, observing how even the aesthetics of the trade fair have undergone significant changes. During the visit of the exhibit, which is open during the same hours as the trade fair itself, crowds of curious people come in to see and contemplate, not only the evolution of the trade fair, but even the passing of time in their own lives. "We saw ourselves in a photo and fortunately, or unfortunately, we see that now we have a few more grey hairs than before," one of the visitor's commented while laughing.

This initiative has involved months of work. According to that commented by the trade fair's organization, the search for photos has been arduous, as we have had to request these photos from the media, the organization's own photographers and even from anonymous persons participating at Fenavin, be this in the shape of work or simply as visitors. After compiling all the photographs, we had to sort through them all to choose the ones that have finally been put on display.

This evolution is even reflected in the quality of the images, as according to comments made by some of Fenavin's sources, in 2001 digital photography did not have the same quality and resolution as today's digital photography, which is something that comes to prove how much the trade fair and society in general has advanced.

The ultimate goal has been to humanize and reflect a trade fair that is very much alive. Thus the reason why the images reflect the numerous crowds visiting Fenavin in each edition. An example of this liveliness can be seen at the end of the exhibit, where photos that are being taken during these three days of the trade fair are being displayed.

Therefore, it can be said that this is a space that is enjoying great acceptance, given that the visitors themselves are the ones guiding and recommending it to their relatives, acquaintances and friends. This fact comes to ensure that the initiative will be repeated in upcoming editions, to the point that it may even go in search of reinventing itself in order to allow the visitors to participate even more.