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Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





Use of wine as an ink in plastic arts and literature presented at FENAVIN

Carmela Fischer, professor at the Alonso Quijano School of Writers in Alcázar de San Juan, illustrated how to use red wine as a source of inspiration in the art of writing and drawing

10.05.2011 | 

The National Trade Fair on Wine (FENAVIN), which is taking place in the Ciudad Real trade fair grounds from May 10th to the 12th, has presented in its sixth edition a cultural and original workshop in which wine is used as ink in plastic arts and literary expression.

Visitors to the trade fair enjoyed wine as an instrument for drawing and literary creation in the Gastronomic Samples Area of the trade fair, this at a workshop called 'The Art of Flowing, Wine as an Aesthetic Experience', which was headed by Carmela Fischer, professor at the Alonso Quijano School of Writers in Alcázar de San Juan. Fischer explained that the idea of the workshop is to create a gestural and expressive painting, without realisms or too many details, "as what is of interest is the gesture, just like in a tsumi painted with China ink, in which the mind moves the arm, the wrist moves the hand and the hand moves the brush."

Armed with a brush, several sheets of paper, a stone, wine as ink and another type of ink, red and thicker in this case, the participants immersed themselves in their inner world in order to find their philosophical preoccupations on paper, with the added component of relaxation. The result was a particular and original creation that each participant was able to take home with them.

Paloma Mayordomo, Director of the Alonso Quijano School of Writers, institution that is participating at FENAVIN, had already previously mentioned that the idea behind this pioneer experience is simply to awaken surprise, "as in this workshop wine is used as a tool, as the vehicle that impregnates those who are used to considering wine only with their sight, smell and taste with new and unknown sensations, adding a creative touch through the world of painting and literature."

Mayordomo acknowledged the "incredible" space that is dedicated to the wine sector at the Trade Fair, which in her opinion is boosted increasingly more all the time by the vital need to know and spread the history and art of the people. In the opinion of the Director of the School of Writers, culture has always been linked to wine as a source of poetic inspiration for philosophers, writers, filmmakers and a never-ending etcetera, therefore, apart from commerce and the business of wine, culture "is the essential embellishment at FENAVIN, and it is literally impossible to obtain a better level of communion", she underlined.

Carmela Fischer is a Bachelor of Arts by the University of Buenos Aires. She has worked as a literary adviser, anthologist, literary reviewer and theatrical direction assistant. She has been imparting creative writing workshops for adults in Spain and abroad for fifteen years now. She has formed part of the Evaluation Committee of the Library of Manchego Writers pertaining to the Ciudad Real Provincial Government. She is a faculty member of the Alonso Quijano School of Writers in Alcázar, which is a pioneer project in Castilla-La Mancha. Located, since the year 2003, in the magnificent monument of the Santa Clara Convent, the School is already a national standard of reference with 300 students and more than 600 registrations. To be highlighted amongst its illustrious professors and members are distinguished poets and writers such as Dionisio Cañas, José Corredor Matheos, Luis Mateo Díez, José María Merino, Francisco Gómez Porro or Caballero Bonald.