Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





The recently created Wine Technology Platform, a pioneer initiative in the European Union, is to be presented at Fenavin

The idea behind the new platform, which represents a meeting point for all parties involved, is to promote competitiveness and Spain’s role as a European leader in the sector

10.05.2011 | 

Fenavin, aware as it is of the importance of being up-to-date in the technological and scientific advances that are taking place in the world of wine and of carrying out action plans in this sense, has hosted the presentation of the Wine Technology Platform that has just recently been created upon the request of the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation.

As explained by the Doctor in Science and member of the technical secretariat, Trinidad Márquez, this is the first Wine Technology Platform (PTV) with these characteristics to be created in Europe, "there is still no similar cluster in any European country that has a say in this sector". She then added that it is a tool that will promote competitiveness and Spain's role as a European leader in the sector.

The first entities to become members of the platform are nine: the Spanish Wine Federation; the Institute of Vine and Wine Sciences; the Spanish Conference of Regulation Councils; the Vine Nurseries Association; the Group of Viniculture Companies, the Group of Centuries Old and Traditional Wineries and the Association of Family Run Wineries, all from the Rioja region; Winery Bodegas Miguel Torres and the European Wine Tech Project.

On his part, Eduardo Cotillas, Director of Global Innovative Markets of the Center for Industrial Technological Development, highlighted the importance of orientating the winegrowing sector, "in fact we will focus all our efforts on adapting to the needs of each one of our companies and cooperatives." The objective is to increase the number of innovative companies.

Although leadership of this forum is in hands of the corporate world, it also serves as a meeting point for all the agents that are involved in the sector, ranging from the wineries right through to services, the administration, institutions, corporate associations, regulation councils, universities, wine making stations, etc. The very best professionals, scientists and technologists are working in this initiative, analyzing and executing action plans that are duly structured in accordance to the needs and strategies. "We currently find ourselves fully immersed in a campaign to structure the organizational facilities so that the sector can become acquainted with this new tool that has just been created," Márquez continued.

To begin with the PTV has been able to count with a subsidy of 276,000 Euros and more than one hundred public and private entities that have registered with the same. The idea is to officially organize the PTV during a constituent General Assembly to be held towards the end of this second quarter in order to then subsequently focus efforts on offering a forward-looking approach to the sector that will be materialized in the wine sector's Strategic Agenda.

Márquez also mentioned that apart from informing and transferring knowledge on the needs and technological challenges that the wine growing and producing world is confronting, the platform will also coordinate Spanish and European public and private investments for projects and the partners' and collaborators' contracts; it will detect infrastructure and equipage needs; promote dissemination of R&D and innovation throughout the sector, creating and maintaining a website. The ultimate goal is to turn the sector into a technological and competitive standard of reference of an international scope.

Apart from the nine firms that have already affiliated themselves, all companies and professional entities, such as those participating in FENAVIN, can join the PTV via the website without having to pay any type of fee, hence joining a group in which there are already a hundred and eighty establishments that are interested in forming part of this new challenge.