Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





This year at FENAVIN 2011 professors and students of the UCLM (University of Castilla-La Mancha) are taking their first steps in the world of wine tasting sessions

Representatives from the university world will be taking their first tasting session classes thanks to the 'Better with Wine' project of the Hospitality and Tourism Association of Ciudad Real and the Association of Wine Producing Industries Entrepreneurs

10.05.2011 | 

On the first day of FENAVIN 2011, which is taking place in Ciudad Real from May 10th to the upcoming Thursday, May 12th, an important group of professors and students from the University of Castilla-La Mancha have come into contact for the first time with the convoluted universe of wine tasting sessions. The activity has been directed by Miguel González Viñas, Professor of Science and Technology at the Chemistry Faculty of the UCLM and in the presence of Teófilo Arribas, President of the Provincial Association of Hospitality and Tourism Entrepreneurs and highest representative of the 'Better with Wine' project, agency that also collaborates in this activity.

"It is important to educate both professors and students in the art of tasting our wines. We actually need them all to be qualified and trained so that they can become consumer motivators. They also participate as consumers of wine products in studies that we are carrying out in pilot plants and experimental wineries, therefore, what we are in search of is that their evaluations will be increasingly broadened and educated," González Viñas explained.

With the audience watching his every move, the professor illustrated how to observe wine, smell it, swirl it in the glass and taste it, all this in order to obtain its maximum potential and discover all the organoleptic properties of each one of the four wines that had been chosen for the occasion: one white wine and three red wines. All of them were tried in a blind tasting session in order to observe the evolution of the participants in their diverse perceptions.

The secret was finally revealed, displaying all the wines that were tasted: 'Viña Cuerva. Airén 2010' from Bodegas Naranjo, in Carrión de Calatrava (Ciudad Real); 'Valle Bravo 2009', a young red wine from Sierra del Segura (Jaén); 'Finca Antigua 2008', a crianza from Los Hinojosos (Cuenca) and 'Guadianeja 2003', a gran reserve from Vinícola del Castillo, in Manzanares (Ciudad Real). The three Manchego wines are all protected by La Mancha Designation of Origin.

Finishing off, Teófilo Arribas was indeed satisfied with his participation "as an occasional student in this master class," he joked, to then insist that it is very interesting to see the way in which the non-initiated perceive wines, because, in the end "we are all consumers and the really important thing is that wine be sold and served."