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More than thirty blind persons have discovered the qualities of six different wines from La Mancha, Castilla y León and Valencia

The Provincial Director of the ONCE, Cristino, pointed out that some wineries are now making labels in the Braille system

10.05.2011 | 

More than thirty persons had the opportunity to taste and enjoy six different wines that were chosen for a tasting session for the blind that took place yesterday at FENAVIN, the same in collaboration with the ONCE. Following the success of the first tasting session held in the previous edition of the trade fair, the President of the Madrid Association of Sommeliers and owner of the restaurant Aldaba, Luis García de la Navarra, once again introduced the participants, including a participant who is both blind and deaf, into the aromas, colors and flavors of very different wines from La Mancha, Castilla y León and Valencia.

The expert sommelier offered two red wines from the winery Mustiguillo, in Utiel (Valencia); two white wines from the winery Hacienda Albae, in Argamasilla de Alba; and a few more from the winery Teso la Monja in Zamora. While taking this particular tour of "interesting products," García de la Navarra underscored that what is really important is that blind tasters discover the wine they like, although this with an expert guideline in their hands that describes the aromas, colors and flavors.

During the tasting session the senior sommelier talked about the various details of each one the wines so that the blind participants could learn to differentiate one wine from another and choose their favorite wines, be these more aromatic, crianza or not, a Chardonnay, a more fruity wine, etc. It is indeed true that the blind have a more highly developed sense of smell and taste, García de la Navarra mentioned, although what I try to do in the tasting session is to educate and train people who are not familiar with the wine world.

García de la Navarra insisted that the really important thing is to have one's own personal portfolio of wines, without too many entries, "knowing why the wine has a certain aroma or flavor; what is really important is to reach everybody, to make wine popular."

FENAVIN's growth in these conservative times is something quite surprising

In that concerning FENAVIN 2011, the celebrated sommelier was frankly surprised at how the Trade Fair had grown in a year in which the tendency is to be more conservative. He adds, "I have seen two new pavilions, there are more people with projects that they want to make known, and I think this is really wonderful for the trade fair, which is going stronger and stronger," he underlined.

On his part the Provincial Director of the ONCE, Cristino Ortuno, who accompanied the ONCE's Territorial Director in Castilla-La Mancha and national representative of the media, pointed out that the main goal behind this tasting session, which is now in its second edition, is to bring the blind closer to the world of wine, just like any other group or individual.

Greater accessibility

In the opinion of Ortuno the tasting session has rendered very interesting and useful results, because it has helped to make the wineries and the work they carry out known by more people. It also brought to light the corporate forays investigating labels in the Braille system for wines, "as some companies are already including these labels and the trend is on the increase," although it is also important, he added, to improve accessibility to the facilities and websites, which are sometimes not put underway because of a lack of knowledge of the system.

At any rate, the idea is to spend a leisurely day and to learn, with the sense of smell and taste, all about the varieties that were presented by the laureate of the 2004 National Gastronomy Award.

The wines that were tasted were Hacienda Albae, a young white Chardonnay and Hacienda Albae, selection white cask-aged Chardonnay, along with the Valencian wines Mestizaje and Finca Terrerazo and the wines from Zamora Almirez and Alabaster.