Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





The pairing of sparkling and sweet wines at Fenavin 2011 has enjoyed great success

This event, organized by the 'Mejor con Vino' (Better with Wine) project of the Hospitality and Tourism Association of Ciudad Real, was in search of promoting and helping to commercialize the wines and products of the region

10.05.2011 | 

The sixth edition of the National Trade Fair on Wine has hosted the activity 'Pairing with Sparkling Wines of Castilla-La Mancha', representing one of the first tasting sessions to take place on May 10th, during which five different sparkling and sweet wines were tasted, along with exquisite gastronomic dishes.

On this occasion, the sparkling and sweet wines of the entire region represented innovation. "The idea when pairing these wines with food has been to obtain the best flavors of the wine in combination with the different products of our community," affirmed Cristina Miranda, Representative of the Hospitality and Tourism Association, in turn promoter of the 'Better with Wine' Project.

Hence, the professionals, guests and members of the different stands enjoyed the opportunity to delight their palates with the following pairing, this time with sparkling wines. The Sparkling wine made by the winery Bodega Finca La Estancada was paired with supreme of marinated salmon on a bed of country bread croutons with mollusk gelatin and lemon thyme. Then continuing, the Cuevas de Santoyo wine made by Bodegas Viñedos y Reservas was paired with Ibérico acorn-fed ham with melon carpaccio and caramelized onion. Finally, the Cantares wine made by Vinícola de Castilla was paired with kitchen dehydrated toast, red onion jam and quince meat with cardamom oil.

Since the goal behind the event was to promote sweet wines, the participants also had the opportunity to try the Secua wine made by La Estacada in the company of a partridge and wild mushroom pate with parmesan crocants, cream of mango and tempura deep-fried roses, while the Muscatel wine made by Bodegas Finca Antigua was paired with Armagnac marinated foie with a bouquet of aromatic herbs, seasonal fruits and Greek foam.

The prominent role in the tasting session went to Teófilo Arribas, President of the Provincial Association of Hospitality and Tourism Entrepreneurs, who was accompanied by Alfonso Monsalve, President of the Provincial Association of Wine Producing Industries, Félix Delgado, Sommelier and Álvaro López, Chef at the Taberna Vinalia in Ciudad Real and in charge of creating and preparing the dishes. The organoleptic properties of the products were discussed during the tasting session, along with the use of the senses, handling of the wine glass and many other activities that contributed to enhancing the aroma and flavour of all the products.

The 'Better with Wine' Project of the Provincial Association of Hospitality and Tourism Entrepreneurs and the Provincial Association of Wine Producing Industries, saw the light in the year 2004, with the intention of the project residing in improving Castilla-La Mancha's wine service, while in turn fighting for gradual creation and establishment of the 'Culture of Wine' among the population and the diverse professionals involved in the industry.