Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





FENAVIN 2011 is set to open the doors of the best possible scenario for the Spanish wine business

The National Trade Fair on Wine will be counting with the presence of 1193 wineries this year and it is foreseen that 6900 buyers will be doing business during the three days of the trade fair

09.05.2011 | 

The sixth edition of the National Trade Fair on Wine, FENAVIN 2011, will be opening its doors on this upcoming Tuesday, May 10th, this year with the presence of 1193 wineries representing all of the country's designations of origin, with 6900 national and international buyers also expected to do business in the almost 30,000 square meters of space that are dedicated to Spanish wine in Ciudad Real.

José María Barreda, President of the Regional Government of Castilla-La Mancha, will be presiding over the opening, set to take place at 12.00 p.m. in the Ciudad Real Trade Fair Pavilion auditorium, along with the trade fair's President, Nemesio de Lara and its Institutional Coordinator, Ángel Amador. The Director of FENAVIN, Manuel Juliá is also expected, as is the case with Rosa Romero, Mayor of Ciudad Real, along with many personalities of the country's, Castilla-La Mancha's and Ciudad Real's economic, agricultural, cultural and political world.

FENAVIN, now in its sixth edition, has turned into an essential date on the calendars of the Spanish winery owners and of both domestic and foreign buyers. On this occasion the trade fair's goal, apart from promoting the wine sector, is to take another step forward in the development of the wine business: the idea is to give moderate consumption of wine the prestige it deserves, linking it to positive values such as health, culture or sports.

In the opinion of the trade fair's President, Nemesio de Lara, it is quite evident that "many of the most fundamental moments of our existence have taken place and are recalled in the company of a good glass of wine." And it is precisely with this intention in mind that great names from the world of literature, sports and health and, likewise, from different artistic disciplines, will be putting their passion for wine and the reasons that have led them to enjoy wine in a healthy way on display in the numerous activities that are to take place.

Hence, the presence of great writers such as Carmen Posadas, Espido Freire, Clara Sánchez, Luis Landero, Luis Antonio de Villena, Ana Rosetti and Marta Rivera de la Cruz, among others, is expected; the trade fair will also count with actors such as Concha Cuetos, Manuel Galiana or Paco Valladares and with singers such as Loquillo, journalists of recognized prestige such as Juan Cruz, José Ribagorda, Marta Robles, Nativel Preciado and top line sportsmen, who will all be participating in the different activities that are programmed for the three days of the trade fair.

Also expected are celebrated names from the international world of wine, who will be sharing their knowledge at the different activities that will be taking place. This is the case of Jay Miller for example, Robert Parker's collaborator and right-hand man in The Wine Advocate, and one of the most respected consumer motivators worldwide; Robert Joseph, considered to be one of the fifty most influential personalities in the international world of wine and founder of the International Wine Challenge, who will also be revealing the keys to the tastes of consumers in different countries. In addition, David Seijas, Sommelier at El Bulli and author of '111 Wines for 2011' who will be talking about the criteria applied by Ferrán Adriá's team in order to choose the wines that are to be paired with the dishes they propose. Robin Goldstein, revolutionary American blogger who is holding an ongoing battle against the classifications made by the world's great wine gurus in his website The Wine Trials, wagering as he does on simpler… and far cheaper wines.

Also, and in like manner to every edition, a series of different technical sessions will take place that will analyze the latest consumer trends, as well as the keys to selling on markets such as Japan, China, Germany, United States or Russia, among others.

Business, as usual, will be holding the starring role

It is however the trade fair's heart that will be beating stronger than ever, that is, business. Hence, the scenario that the organization is setting forth to generate encounters between the offer and the demand will be counting with 1193 wineries that will be bringing in wines representing all of Spain's designations of origin, the same distributed between the eight pavilions that the trade fair has set-up.

With these figures we can see that the trade fair has grown slightly in comparison with the past edition, that is 0.6% more and this in a year in which the producers have shown interest in being present in Ciudad Real no matter what, which translates into an increase of grouped stands, in which several wineries share the space.

In that pertaining to the buyers, another great pillar of the 'FENAVIN Method' for the promotion of business, this year fifty-four countries are expected, with specialized buyers coming in from all of them, the same handled by the organization, hence the Business Center will be expecting almost 700 professionals from each and every corner of the world.

To be added to this figure are the buyers who are coming in on their own, estimated in about 2000 according to the applications for accreditation that have been received for this edition.

The Contact with… Program for national buyers represents an important new feature

On the other hand, one of the trade fair's great new features is the Contact with… Program for national buyers, which is a computer tool that has worked beautifully to establish contacts between exhibitors and foreign buyers in previous editions, and that this year aspires to attracting Spanish distributors and buyers that have been handled by the organization. This apart from those coming in on their own, which means that a figure close to 4500 buyers could be reached.

This way the business expectations generated among national winery owners and Spanish and foreign buyers are indeed tremendous, as the increase in presence of both groups heralds a significant increase in the number of commercial contacts.

We must remember that FENAVIN 2009 closed its doors with a 68% increase in the number of business meetings that were held, as 118,000 contacts were recorded in comparison with the 70,175 that were accounted for in the 2007 edition.

The "Engines" of the Trade Fair

The keys to the success of "the wine trade fair of reference of the national wine sector", as it has been defined by the national media groups and specialized press, are the Contact with… Program, the Wine Gallery, the Business Searcher and the Business Center, four tools that are in search of optimizing the relationships between buyers and exhibitors.

The Contact with… Program will also be put underway this year with international and Spanish buyers who arrive at the trade fair with their agenda completely booked weeks in advance thanks to this computer tool that can be accessed via the website On May 9th, by late Monday evening, 3972 meetings had already been confirmed.

The Wine Gallery is the trade fair's great showcase, as this is where most of the brands that the exhibitors have on display in their stands are to be found, and this year the number of labels almost reaches 1300.

The main goal of the Wine Gallery is to provide the professionals with a comfortable and peaceful space where they can first taste the wines they are interested in, without having to run around all the different pavilions, therefore having all the information they need about the products they find the most attractive beforehand.

With regards to the Business Searcher, accessible through the trade fair's website and from the computers that are distributed throughout the trade fair pavilions, this tool will allow all those interested in buying a certain wine to first make a precise selection of their objectives. This way, a buyer who has just arrived at the trade fair can take advantage of his/her time and with the comprehensive information that is available about each one of the wineries previously select and try the wines that interest them before visiting the corresponding stands.

Now, in as far as the Business Center is concerned, this is the place where all the buyers' administrative needs are resolved: computers, wi-fi, fax, meeting rooms, translators of different languages… all the things they need to carry out their work without any problems whatsoever.

In short, a tour through the bounties of the world of wine at the most important trade fair on Spanish wine.