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Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





“FENAVIN has established the foundations for future trade fairs”

This is what Miguel Ángel Mainar, President of the Association of Agri-Food Journalists of Spain, has commented about Fenavin, with the Association set to holding its Steering Board Meeting at the trade fair this year

09.05.2011 | 

The Association of Agri-Food Journalists of Spain (APAE) will certainly be attending the sixth edition of the National Trade Fair on Wine (FENAVIN), which will be starting on the upcoming Tuesday, May 10th in the trade fair grounds.

The APAE will be holding its Steering Board Meeting on May 12th at 12.00 p.m. in the Gastronomic Samples Area, during which the members will be debating the situation of the association, which is formed by seventy professionals who will be putting their future challenges on the table in order to eradicate a basic problem altogether: structuring of the media and personnel that is geographically and thematically dispersed. The same with the object of working "as efficiently as possible for the associates, in order to improve agri-food information and progress of the sector," explained Miguel Ángel Mainar, President of the APAE.

Despite the existence of a good number of specialized means, agri-food journalism is not highly developed in Spain, circumstance that, according to Mainar, the association wants to change. This association was founded in 1933, and it has recently been reestablished "so that the agri-food sector will have better representation and greater capacity for social penetration," he pointed out. In order to achieve this goal, the association also needs the support of the producers, "because if we manage to make a strong association of agri-food journalists it will certainly be easier to improve our knowledge and training and act as intermediaries between the agri-food producers and the information companies."

On the other hand, in the opinion of the APAE's president, the sector has done a good job in disseminating the benefits of wine, as is the case with the FIVIN (Research Foundation for Wine and Nutrition), message that has permeated the consumers. What Mainar comments is that a veritable race is currently going on to present the healthy advantages of all food products "and all this noise is a hindrance to communication."

In that pertaining to the drop in wine consumption, the APAE puts forward several reasons, such as the introduction of foreign customs and habits that are leading the Spaniards away from consumption of wine, along with the regulations to prevent alcoholism and the "mistaken" communication made in the last few years on wine. Thus "as we have wanted to create tasters, not consumers, and as a consequence we have made a lot of people wary of a product with which they have always had some sort of relationship, practically since childhood, even if this relationship was not strictly that of a consumer."

From initial distrust to outright defense

In as far as FENAVIN is concerned, the president of the Association of Agri-Food Journalists highlighted the important impact that the trade fair has on the agri-food sector and more specifically on the wine sector. In Mainar's opinion, the fact that the trade fair has reached its utmost expression is actually due to matters that are related with infrastructures rather than to the sector itself, which could still reach greater presence in the event. From his perspective, which is shared by many, FENAVIN has been unstoppable since its very beginnings, consolidating a good image among the exhibitors "who have gone from initial distrust to outright defense of the trade fair model that Fenavin represents." Quite probably, he continued, FENAVIN has established the foundations of what trade fairs will be in the future, highlighting the pioneer work that the trade fair has carried out.

As a professional in the world of journalism, Miguel Ángel Mainar pointed out that the trade fair represents an essential date on many of the company agendas in the sector. In his daily work, he has had the chance to verify that dozens of wineries have placed the trade fair in the first place among their preferences.