Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





This year at FENAVIN journalists, politicians and writers are set to champion the good image of wine and its culture

Antonio Jiménez, Director of 'El gato al agua', Sergio Sauca or Gustavo de Arístegui, among others, will be regaling the audience with their personal and "passionate" experiences in the world of wine, the same at a round table that will take place on May 11th

08.05.2011 | 

The National Trade Fair on Wine (FENAVIN), which is to take place in Ciudad Real from May 10th to the 12th, will be hosting an activity in which different professionals will be offering their points of view in that pertaining to how wine is evaluated and the good image of wine and its culture, which is not always as it should be and which they must champion from their different scopes of work.

With a wine and gastronomy writer, a winery owner, a politician and two journalists, the round table 'Let's go out for drinks… wine, that is' is set to take place on May 11th at 4.00 p.m. in Lecture Hall 3, in which the participants will be able to enjoy themselves with their personal and "passionate" experiences in the world of wine.

Particularly remarkable is the case of Antonio Jiménez, Director of the program 'El gato al agua', broadcast by the Intereconomía Channel, who from his position in television is personally and collectively, with the whole team, championing the battle in favor of Spanish wine. With each participant of the round table enjoying a glass of wine, something that has never been seen on television, Jiménez indicates that the only goal behind an initiative such as this is to promote consumption of wine, which has dropped drastically in the last few years. Hence counteracting the negative messages and penalization that the public powers are attempting to establish and, more specifically, the Ministry of Health, which is bent on limiting advertising campaigns in its favor.

The idea, observes the journalist, is to come together in a civil protest to fight for a product that has always formed part of our culture. The result, he adds, has been favorable on the part of the sector and likewise on the part of the participants in the chat, the authorities, and even the general audience.

As a lover and connoisseur of Spanish wines, Jiménez considers that the viniculture evolution has been extraordinary, allowing for a far more competitive offer, with better quality and prices. For me personally, wine has indeed been very important in my life, "as it is an everyday and unusual passion, not only as a taster of wine, but also as a "discoverer" of the different varieties and new developments in the designations of origin." In this sense, he mentions one of the last tasting sessions in which he participated, trying out a white grape variety from Extremadura, produced by the fighting bull breeder Vitorino Martín.

Antonio Jiménez also defends moderate consumption of wine, leisurely enjoying the product with pleasure, "as this product is very beneficial if consumed in moderation; quite a few people, including doctors, have only drunk wine in their lives and they have enjoyed a very long life."

The director of the program-debate 'El gato al agua' points out that they have mentioned FENAVIN in his program, indicating that it is the most important enological event in the world of wine in Spain, truly designed with the professionals of the sector in mind and for lovers of the culture of wine.

The round table will be coordinated by the wine and gastronomy writer Andrés Sánchez Magro, who also valued the importance of giving more prestige to the image of wine. Sánchez Magro makes a staunch defense of the sector in his program 'El Gato Gourmet' and in his publications, attempting to also disseminate the marvelous and countless nuances of wine. He will also be participating in the round table with Sánchez Magro and Antonio Jiménez, along with the sports journalist and wine taster Sergio Sauca, of TVE, the Member of Parliament Gustavo de Arístegui and the winery owner Fernando Remírez de Ganuza.

Quality and Autochthonous Varietals

At the round table the journalist Sergio Sauca, who works for TVE, will be explaining how his love for wine turned into a veritable passion and that he learned to respect it when he lived in the region of Bordeaux during five weeks. Thus after which involvement in the wine producing project 'Cepa 21', along with other journalists and famous personalities, came to culminate this passion.

In Sergio Sauca's opinion, the path that should be followed is that of quality and production of autochthonous varieties, "it is more important to promote those grapes that only exist in Spain, differentiating them from the rest, than it is to try and compete with the same varieties." In as far as consumption is concerned, one of the inconveniences is precisely the drastic drop that has taken place, which in his opinion is due to the high prices that are being paid in restaurants.

When asked about FENAVIN, the sports journalist highlighted the extraordinary growth of the trade fair, "as I remember the uncertainty and enthusiasm of the first edition, which has now given way to a highly consolidated trade fair with an incredible widespread international impact."