Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





Destilerías Altosa will be presenting the square wine barrel or roc-cuve for the first time in Castilla-La Mancha at FENAVIN

This product, which has only been on the market for three months, is the equal of the round barrel in as far as its technical qualities are concerned, yet with the additional ecological advantages of space and ease of manipulation

01.05.2011 | 

The company Destilerías Altosa of Ciudad Real will be presenting, for the first time ever in Castilla-La Mancha, the French and American oak square barrel, this at FENAVIN, which is to take place from May 10th to the 12th. The square barrel, which technically can be likened to the typical round casks, has the additional ecological advantages of providing more space, ease of manipulation and piling capacity. The square barrel has been patented by one of the group's companies, which has its headquarters in Tomelloso.

The square barrel, or roc-cuve (reusable wood cask), has only been on the market for three months, but it has already awakened great expectation in those venues in which it has been presented. Just recently the Chief Executive Officer of the company with the same name, that is Pedro José López, explained that the barrel was presented at a congress in Marbella that dealt with the influence of the climate change in the wine sector "in which technicians from around the world and specialized media groups showed great interest and surprise in the same." Another advantage of the square barrel is that it does not increase the cost of investment "as the cost is identical to that of the round barrel; the wood is replaced in the second purchase, but all the exterior angles remain in place, therefore it actually represents a savings of twenty percent, and so on and so forth."

A conference called 'La barrica del tercer milenio' (The Third Millennium Barrel) will be taking place on May 11th at 6:00 p.m. in Lecture Hall 3, at which an Engineer from the University of Segonzac (France) will be commenting on the results of ageing French cognac in a round barrel and square barrel; Elías López Montero, Enologist and Technical Director of the winery Bodegas Verum will also take part in the conference, duly commenting on the wines they produce in roc-cuve, along with Antonio Lara Plaza, Industrial Technical Engineer and expert in both the round cask and square barrel, "in which space is profited up to two and three times more than in a round cask," López underlined.