Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





Primum Bobal will be bringing in to FENAVIN the interesting wine proposals of the interior region of the Community of Valencia

Seven wineries from Utiel and Requena have joined forces in an association devised to clinch and develop maximum potential from the Bobal variety, the same already represented by excellent high-end Crianza wines

29.04.2011 | 

The National Trade Fair on Wine, which will be taking place on the upcoming dates of May 10th to the 12th, will be the chosen forum to explain all the advances that are taking place with these wines obtained from the Bobal variety, which is predominant in the interior region of the Community of Valencia. The association's activity at the Trade Fair is organized by the Primum Bobal Association, which legitimately saw the light in the past month of March under the protection of seven wineries from the areas of Utiel and Requena, with the idea behind the association being to join forces in diverse present and future actions aimed at obtaining maximum potential from this variety, with which excellent red Crianza wines are already being produced.

Félix Martínez Roda, President of the Primum Bobal Association, accompanied by the enology and viticulture field researchers Daniel Expósito and José Luis Salón, respectively, will be introducing the professionals attending FENAVIN (on May 10th, in the trade fair pavilion's auditorium, at 4:00 p.m.) in the diverse stages involved in the production of these wines, these ranging from its traditional use in bulk wine combinations, right through to its promising present moment, with a Crianza wine made with grapes from old vineyards, with less yield and that are cultivated in poor soils, but aged in barrel in a way "that provides an extraordinary potential to these wines, turning them into age-worthy or high-end wines," he indicated.

Martínez Roda also explained that the immediate future currently resides in research, the same thanks to the agreements reached with the Universities of Valencia and Valladolid in order to obtain grapes with looser clusters and smaller grapes and a final product that does not necessarily have to be aged in a cask, apart from the introduction of micro-oxygenation in the fermentation process, "all this with the aim of selling quality wines for less than six Euros, wines that are fruity and rounded in mouth and very pleasing to drink", the wine maker informed. The main clients of these high-end wines are the Northern European countries and the United States. The wineries that make up Primum Bobal are Finca Ardal, Chozas Carrascal, Bodegas Dagón, Pagos del Molino, Bodega Pasiego and Vera de Estenas, the latter headed by Martínez Roda.