Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





Monsalve maintains that the key to a "job well done" in marketing resides in offering quality and price

The Vice President of FEVIN will be participating in a forum in which outstanding lecturers will be putting forward their different points of view on how to improve the promotion and sale of wine in both the region and the world

19.04.2011 | 

"The key resides in ensuring that the market receives a good image of quality, as the amount is, of course, important, but it must always be based on quality and price". This serious reflection of the President of the Association of Wine Industries and Vice President of the Regional Federation of Wine, Alcohol and Grape Juice Producers of Castilla-La Mancha (FEVIN), Alfonso Monsalve, will be put under debate and analysis at the Forum that FEVIN has organized for the National Trade Fair on Wine (FENAVIN), which will be taking place on the dates of May 10th to the 12th. Prior to this the Federation will be holding its General Assembly, to which 200 wineries and cooperatives that are associated have been summoned.

Loyal as it has been to the trade fair since its very first edition, FEVIN has organized an interesting forum for debate and reflection that will take place on May 12th and in which outstanding lecturers will be offering their different points of view (political, technical, gastronomical…) on the situation and perspectives of the wine market of Castilla-La Mancha, without leaving aside the global market. Two political specialists, Antonio Salinas and María Luisa Soriano, spokespersons of the Agricultural Department of the Socialist and Popular Parties in the regional parliament, respectively, will be putting their approaches before the sector, covering its present and future with the data and statistics they have at their disposal. On his part, Teófilo Arribas, President of the Ciudad Real Association of Hotels, Restaurants and Tourism, will be introducing the participants into the world of gastronomy, "because wine is indeed a particularly significant ingredient in the restaurateur world", Monsalve commented, therefore, we must not do without the important support that it provides. The fourth lecturer at the forum will be the Head of the Seed Production Center Service of Toledo, Ricardo Rodríguez, former Director of the Agrarian Training School (former Institute of the Vine and Wine) and an expert in the typology of Castellano-Manchego wines.

FEVIN's premises in these matters are to always offer quality that, in turn, gives rise to capital and that leads to greater consumption. Hence the reason why a "job well done" in marketing must be promoted, said its Vice President, because we must take into account that Castilla-La Mancha has the very best soil, climate and extremely good facilities and professionals, "as no other production areas can boast better conditions than Castilla-La Mancha", he underscored. Adding that this effort must count with the support of the Public Administrations, these ranging from the government institutions of the location where the winery is found right through to Brussels".

Monsalve acknowledges that wine production in the Castellano-Manchego community will always be high given the broad-ranging extension of vineyards it has, which generate excellent grape musts and derived products and wines of all types, although the bait, or the image that must pervade is quality, with the corresponding back labels that can be identified by the consumer and that give rise to confidence in the markets.

In the opinion of Alfonso Monsalve, wine exporting is another important pillar, as in the case of Ciudad Real "no other product or service has such a volume of sales abroad, apart from the fact that we are selling three times more than what is being imported". In this respect he considers that the sector must work on projection to all markets, without forgetting the domestic markets, "it is not only advisable to sell wines to China or Australia, but also to other important points such as India, with its population of 1.2 billion, or Brazil, as these are countries that are vastly improving their purchasing power, and always taking into account the member states of the European Union".

In like manner to Nemesio de Lara, FENAVIN's President, Monsalve is a supporter of creating a Spain brand, a brand that can be easily identified abroad, "because a Canadian knows that Don Quixote is from Spain, but he does not necessarily have to know if this literary referent is closer to Lugo or to Manzanares". In short, he considers that a tool that will insure that the consumer's potential abroad is not dispersed is absolutely necessary.

FEVIN's Vice President only has words of support and appreciation for the National Trade Fair on Wine, saying as he does that "creation of the trade fair and its location has indeed been a wise decision and the trade fair has brought in everybody who should be at the same, buyers, wineries and experts in image and communication; the trade fair is the standard of reference that has caught the attention of the specialists and that is an added value for the region", he underlined.

FEVIN's General Assembly will be taking place on May 12th at 12:00 a.m. in Lecture Hall 2 on the second floor of the trade fair pavilion and the Wine Forum will be hosted an hour later. FEVIN was created more than twelve years ago and already 180 wineries form part of the same, although cooperatives are also to be included in the figure. This association not only handles viniculture matters, but also environmental matters, labor regulations, labeling… apart from offering common services; it also represents a unique and valid social partner in the championing of the interests of the associated wineries.