Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





Important names of the Spanish world of journalism, sports and culture will put all their efforts together and unite with FENAVIN in order to give moderate consumption of wine the prestige it deserves

Nemesio de Lara, President of the National Trade Fair on Wine, has presented the sixth edition of FENAVIN 2011 at the Madrid based restaurant Zalacaín, which is the same place where, a decade ago, the project was originally made known to all

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FENAVIN 2011 continues with its clear wager on promoting business in the wine sector, however, on this occasion the trade fair is taking another step further beyond with the driving force it is establishing in favor of moderate consumption of wine, linked as it is to the positive values related with the world of culture, health and sports. Nemesio de Lara, President of FENAVIN, accompanied by Ángel Amador, Institutional Coordinator of the same and Manuel Juliá, Director of the trade fair, has made his intentions quite clear, apart from putting forward the main information related with the trade fair, which is set to open its doors on May 10th. The presentation took place before fifty personalities representing the national world of journalism, culture and sports and the event took place at the Madrid based restaurant Zalacaín. This is precisely the restaurant that a decade ago hosted the first presentation of the trade fair.

FENAVIN's figures quite clearly represent the Trade Fair that is set to open its doors on the upcoming date of May 12th: 1193 wineries, both present and represented; 4200 national buyers and 2700 foreign buyers, some of which will be brought in by the organization itself and others that have registered for their credentials on their own, and all this in a space covering 29,525 square meters, the same as in the past edition, which means that there will be more buyers for a very similar number of wineries.

This information makes the organization feel confident that the last edition's figure of 118,000 commercial contacts will indeed be exceeded, as this estimate is based on the important number of accreditations covering Spanish and foreign buyers that have already been registered to date.

All of Spain's Denominations of Origin will be represented at this trade fair that is a standard of reference in the world of Spanish wine.

Important names from the world of culture, sports and journalism will be helping to send out positive messages in that referring to moderate consumption of wine

The more than eighty parallel activities that are being organized in collaboration with other professional associations that are representative of the sector, and that are supported on the central themes of the Culture of Wine, along with the Technical Sessions and the tasting and food pairing sessions with prestigious national and international figures from the world of wine, will all be counting with the help of these recognized personalities of the world of culture, sports and journalism in order to put forward positive messages in that pertaining to moderate consumption of wine.

In the same manner, writers like Carmen Posadas, Espido Freire, Clara Sánchez, Luis Landero, Luis Antonio de Villena, Ana Rosetti, Marta Rivera de la Cruz, Dionisio Cañas and Rosa Regás, among others; actors like Antonio Resines, Concha Cuetos, Manuel Galiana, or Paco Valladares; prestigious journalists like Juan Cruz, José Ribagorda, Marta Robles, Nativel Preciado and front line sportsmen will participate in different events during the three days the trade show will last.

Jay Miller, collaborator with Robert Parker in The Wine Advocate will also be participating at the trade fair; along with Robert Joseph, founder of the International Wine Challenge and considered to be one of the fifty most influential personalities of the international world of wine; David Seijas, Sommelier at El Bulli, or Robin Goldstein, revolutionary American blogger who on his website The Wine Trials battles against the classifications made by the great globally known wine gurus.

FENAVIN will be offering a crystal clear image of Spain's quality production

At this edition the trade fair will be offering a crystal clear image of Spain's quality wine producing sector, with the same ranging from the smallest producers right through to the great wineries and, already, there are more than one hundred wineries on a waiting list, hence making it clear that this great response on the part of the sector means that it considers that the approach taken by the trade fair's organization is indeed a wise one, as the same is exclusively focused on business, a view that has convinced both Spanish wineries and buyers from around the world of the effectiveness of the 'FENAVIN Method'.

Hence, the business expectations generated among the national wineries and foreign importers are indeed important: this year, apart from the national buyers, foreign buyers from fifty-four countries from around the world will also be coming in.

About 2700 buyers from fifty-four countries

In this sense the existing collaboration of the Chamber of Commerce and the IPEX (Institute for Foreign Promotion of Castilla-La Mancha) with the trade fair's organization will allow the possibility of counting with a great number of international buyers, with figures that by far exceed the numbers of the previous edition. Coordination between these institutions is necessary in order to develop the diverse contacts with the agents and specialized companies in the sector and with Spain's commercial offices abroad, hence going in search of potential clients for the exhibitors that will be participating at FENAVIN, all this over the basis of four central themes:

1. Traditional markets for Spanish exports, such as Germany and the United Kingdom.
2. New potential markets, such as Rumania or the Ukraine.
3. Great emerging markets, such as China, Brazil, Canada or India.
4. Exotic markets, such as Kazakhstan, Oman or the United Arab Emirates.

As can be seen, more than 700 distributors and importers from fifty-four different countries will be working at the Ciudad Real Trade Fair Pavilion in the upcoming month of May: Germany, Angola, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, South Korea, Denmark, Ecuador, the US, El Salvador, United Arab Emirates, Slovakia, Estonia, Philippines,

We must, of course, add the international buyers that will be coming in to the trade fair on their own, which according to the rate at which accreditations are being processes are estimated in about 2000.

This year, in view of the success enjoyed with the foreign buyers, the trade fair's organization has also set up the Contact With… Program for national buyers.

Therefore, the forecast seems to be leading to presence of 3500 national buyers, which represents an increase of 112% with regards to the 2007 edition.

The 'driving forces' of the Trade Fair

The key factors behind the success of this "trade fair, which is a standard of reference of the national wine-growing sector", as it was duly defined by the ICEX (Spanish Institute for Overseas Trade) last year, are the Contact With… Program, the Wine Gallery, the Business Searcher and the Business Center, four tools in search of optimizing relationships between buyers and exhibitors.

The Contact With… Program is one of the trade fair's basic tools, as this program makes it possible for exhibitors to request business meetings with more than seven hundred buyers from fifty-four different countries, all handled by the organization, and at least one month before the trade fair is set to start. The buyers themselves can, in turn, also request meetings with the wineries that represent their objective. This combination of needs and desires ensures that the winery owners will be able to complete their agendas with a minimum of ten meetings, this even before setting a foot in the trade fair. As an important new development, this year the same program will also be underway, although in this case applied to the national buyers.

In as far as the Wine Gallery is concerned, the same represents the Trade Fair's great showcase, because this is precisely where most of the labels that the exhibitors will be displaying in their stands will be found, and this year the figure practically reaches 1300 labels. The main idea behind the gallery is that the professional visitors will have a comfortable and peaceful space available where they can first try all those wines that interest them, and all this without having to run around the different pavilions, hence being able to first obtain information and select all those products that they consider the most attractive.

In that pertaining to the Business Searcher, this tool, accessible through the trade fair's website and from the distributors' computers throughout the different pavilions of the Trade Fair grounds, will allow all those interested in buying wine to make a very precise selection of their objectives. Thus, buyers who have just arrived at the trade fair can optimize their time, previously select their objectives with the extensive and comprehensive information about each one of the wineries that is available, duly trying those wines that interest them before actually visiting the corresponding stands.

Two important contact programs between national and foreign buyers and exhibitors will be handled from the Business Center, with these being the above-mentioned Contact With… Program, objective of which is that international and national buyers present at FENAVIN will be able to organize their work agenda even before they arrive at the trade fair.