Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





Ramón Tamames will reflect on the governance of "an enological country of 100 wines and 4000 wineries"

Ramón Tamames participates in the trade show for the second time

Ramón Tamames participates in the trade show for the second time

This researcher of the country’s social, political and economic reality and great connoisseur of the world of wine, will be undertaking the situation of the Spanish wine market at FENAVIN

10.04.2011 | 

The great savant of Spain's socioeconomic world, Full Professor of Economic Structure and Jean Monnet Chairholder, Ramón Tamames, will be expounding on the current and future trajectory of the Spanish wine market, production of which in as far as amount is concerned is practically that of France and Italy "although still far removed in value", acknowledges the Professor. This lecture will be taking place at FENAVIN, which will be held on the dates of May 10th to the 12th.

Tamames, who will be participating at the trade fair on May 10th with the lecture '¿Puede gobernarse un país enológico de 100 vinos y 4.000 bodegas?' (Can an enological country with 100 wines and 4000 wineries be governed?), will be putting forward very interesting points of view on that concerning management or governance of a wine growing map that covers almost three million acres, "the largest in the world", with more than 100 wine areas of all types, four thousand wineries and more than 10,000 wine labels, duly providing the audience with a few suggestions for reorganization "of our splendid yet problematic wine scene", he affirms. According to Tamames, the fact is that General de Gaulle in his day referred to the difficulties involved in governing France, something that was very complicated in a country with 450 different cheeses, "hence giving rise to the idea of what a complex country actually is". Tamames' interesting lecture will be taking place on May 10th, at 11:00 a.m. in Lecture Hall 3 of the Trade Fair Pavilion.

Ramón Tamames, who is very familiarized with the trade fair, which he highly praises and values, has already participated in previous editions. In the year 2009 he introduced the public to the culture of wine among the younger generation, a matter of great importance for the sector's professionals, in which he highlighted the lack of knowledge about wine among the younger population. During the conference he put forward the need for the younger generation to acquire greater knowledge about the great variety of high quality wines so that the tendency of scarce consumption can start to change.

Ramón Tamames is a Doctor of Law and Economic Science. He has been Full Professor of Economic Structure since the year 1968, representing the first Chair of its kind in the Malaga Faculty and, he is likewise Professor at the Autonomous University of Madrid. In 1992 he was designated the Jean Monnet Chairholder by the European Community. He is the author of books on Economy, History, Politics and Ecology, with the 'Estructura Económica de España' (Spain's Economic Structure) to be highlighted among his books due to its great dissemination, currently in its twenty-fifth edition; likewise to be highlighted is his book 'Estructura Económica Internacional' (International Economic Structure). He has just recently published 'El grito de la Tierra. Biosfera y cambio climático' (The Earth's Scream. Biosphere and Climate Change). Amongst his numerous recognitions, to be highlighted is the Rey Jaime I Economy Award that he received in July of 1997, the same decided on by a panel in which three Nobel laureates participated.