Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





As of this Monday, April 4th, the wineries participating at FENAVIN will be able to choose up to 30 buyers with whom to do business, with the buyers coming in from 54 countries from around the world.

Snapshot of the main page of the Program

Snapshot of the main page of the Program

The Contact With… program is precisely the tool that allows the almost 1200 wineries participating in the Trade Fair to ensure that meetings can and will be held with the more than 700 buyers, who in turn are directly handled by the trade fair’s organization. The Contact With… program for the national buyers will also start in the upcoming days.

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The Contact With... program is a computer instrument that has been designed by FENAVIN's organization in order to optimise contact between wineries offering their products at this sixth Edition of the Trade Fair and international buyers, with said tool coming into operation this very Monday, April 4th. The program can be found on the following website:

All the exhibitors that are registered to participate in the Trade Fair, of which there are almost 1200, will be able to access the agenda of meetings with the username that the organization will be assigning to them, the same representing the possibility of meeting with more than 700 buyers from 54 delegations that the Ciudad Real Trade Fair has distributed around the globe: in Germany, Angola, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, South Korea, Denmark, Ecuador, the US, El Salvador, United Arab Emirates, Slovakia, Estonia, Philippines,

Until Mat 7th this computer tool will make it possible for the producers and buyers to update and put their agendas together, which means that all of them will be able to have a list of work meetings that is quite complete before the trade fair is set to start.

If a winery is unable to make arrangements for ten meetings, then the organization will extend the period for contacts

Hence, up until April 24th, the exhibitor will be able to request a maximum of thirty meetings, of which it will be possible to close twenty-seven of them, while the buyers will be able to request dates with all the companies that interest them. If by April 25th the exhibitor has not managed to set-up at least ten meetings, then the organization will allow them to continue requesting dates until May 7th.

The objective of this program is "to ensure that the impresarios will be able to concentrate the work they normally do in many months into three very intense days; it must be said that this is indeed a tremendous effort for everybody, but in the end and according to what we deduce from the surveys, it is all compensated after the trade fair", explains Manuel Juliá, Director of the Trade Fair.

Apart from this program that has been established with the international buyers, in the upcoming days the Contact With… program will also be set-up for national buyers, aspiring to bring in up to 3000 distributors and buyers that are being handled by the organization, apart from those arriving on their own, which could reach a figure of close to 4500.

Thus, business expectations generated between national wineries and Spanish and foreign importers are indeed tremendous, as the increase seen in the presence of both groups hails a significant number of commercial contacts, which in the past edition already reached an average of thirty-three contacts every single day of the trade fair.

"This figure has been calculated in accordance to the responses that companies and buyers are outlining in the surveys we carry out once the trade fair has finished, apart from taking into account the occupation that is registered in the Business Center's meeting halls, among other factors", explains the main technical representative of the Trade Fair.