Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





The wineries that belong to the Valdepeñas Designation of Origin are absolutely thrilled with the business expectations that are opening up at FENAVIN 2011

Manuel Juliá, Director of the Trade Fair, encouraged the producers "to take advantage of the trade fair, as it is precisely here, in our own region, where the contacts that many are in search of at other national and international trade fairs can actually be made, as has already been acknowledged by the wineries that have participated in previous editions"

16.03.2011 | 

"This is a thrilling trade fair at which we absolutely must be present". This is how some of the Valdepeñas Designation of Origin wineries consider FENAVIN, as is likewise the case with other areas of the province and region that have attended the session "Cómo aprovechar los instrumentos de negocio de FENAVIN" (How to Take Advantage of FENAVIN's Business Tools), which has been hosted today in Valdepeñas.

This is precisely the opinion of Inmaculada Moreno, who works for Bodegas Félix Solís in the Export Department and who has participated in the session, indicating that FENAVIN 2011 will allow them to "reinforce the winery's position and image and, of course, reinforce the business itself". At the Trade Fair, which is set to open its doors on the upcoming May 10th, "we have foreseen meeting with our clients, many of whom already participated in previous editions of the trade fair and, likewise, with new clients who have never visited the fair, but who already have a fantastic image of the trade fair".

Hortensia Espinosa, Export Representative for the winery Encomienda de Cervera, located in Almagro, is also hopeful with the business possibilities that open-up at the trade fair, where "she hopes to sell it all" and find new markets.

A total of twenty wineries have shown interest in the business tools that have been designed by FENAVIN 2011's organization in order to optimize the possibilities of making contacts during the three days of work that will be taking place when the trade fair opens its doors on the upcoming dates of May 10th to the 12th.

Hence Manuel Juliá, Director of the Trade Fair, was in charge of putting a start to the technical part of the session with the intervention called "Los instrumentos de negocio de FENAVIN: Cómo rentabilizar al máximo la participación en la feria" (FENAVIN's Business Tools: How to achieve maximum return from participation in the trade fair), a chat during which he detailed the business tools that ensure that commercial exchange will be the most important thing happening at the Trade Fair, both for the buyer, with the possibility of first choosing what they are interested in, as well as for the exhibitor, "as this is a trade fair at which nobody is standing around doing nothing with their arms crossed".

In this sense he encouraged all those in attendance "to really take the trade fair seriously and take advantage of the same to a maximum", because as he pointed out "since we are right at home it really is difficult to find any other place with these possibilities and these buyers that actually come in from around the globe, with business options that exceed fifty-five percent among the participating wineries, as is more than proven by the evaluations that the same have made of previous editions".

The Director also advanced the fact that the organization wants to promote business on several fronts. On the one hand he highlighted the importance of giving wine the prestige it deserves. "We are simply ignoring the domestic market without even worrying about the decrease in consumption and I think this is an obvious reason to really go out and fight against this terrible competition we are enduring from other beverages and even against ourselves, that is as an alcoholic drink". In this sense he reaffirmed his belief that "wine imparts prestige to any important circumstance", then announcing that a national advertising campaign is to take place that is based on the fact that the most significant moments in life are discussed and settled in front of a good glass of wine".

He also explained to those in attendance that important figures from the world of sports, health and culture will be participating in the trade fair in order to promote the positive image of wine and, with the same, its consumption.

As mentioned by the Director, another line of work will involve improving the trade fair's business systems. In this sense he explained that this year, thanks to the "Contact Con…" (Contact With…) program, it will be possible to request up to thirty meetings with international buyers, this as of April 4th -representing five more than in the 2009 edition- and he recommended that the exhibitors should decide, with due anticipation, the countries that represent their fundamental objectives.

He also added that this same system will also start this year with the main domestic buyers. In this sense he pointed out that "we must not be leery of the domestic market, because a good working domestic market imparts both position and image with regards to the international buyer". Also, in his opinion, "the national market generates an important return, hence providing us with a real overview of what we are doing: and the food industry is one of the few that actually has a future, in particular if we consider eating as a pleasure in itself".

In his opinion, "the success of a trade fair resides in its prior preparation and in the work that subsequently takes place. Therefore, all necessary details to optimize the business possibilities must be ready and working, as is the case with updating of catalogues and informative and promotional material; sending persons to the trade fair who enjoy capacity for decision taking and availability of personnel with language skills, among other requirements", he points out.

Later on, Patricia Franco, FENAVIN's Business Center Coordinator, detailed the best "Opportunities for Wine Commercialization in Overseas Markets", a speech during which she informed on how the wineries are to prepare themselves in order to confront the demands of buyers with very different needs and consumption cultures.

Hence she truly encouraged the attending wineries, because the information that is being handled indicates spectacular growth in the region's and province's wine exports, an eighteen percent increase to be exact, and this in comparison with the market slackness endured by the national exports.

Franco, also highlighted the fact that Spain is leading growth in exports to China, likewise talking about the tremendous possibilities to be had in the United Kingdom, Nordic countries, Russia, Japan or the United States, countries, from among a total of fifty, with delegations coming in to the trade fair.

Franco finally underlined that "the commercial future of wine resides in direct communication with the consumers" and that, during conversations held with buyers from different countries the general opinion is that "FENAVIN has clearly helped to obtain a good positioning of Spanish wines: FENAVIN represents a powerful driving force of the image of Spain's wine and with all of us working together we must consolidate it into the standard of reference that it has become", he concluded.

Session opened by Nemesio de Lara, President of FENAVIN.

Nemesio de Lara, President of FENAVIN, was in charge of opening the Session, the same in the company of Fernando Prieto, President of the Valdepeñas Designation of Origin and Jesús Martín, Mayor of the municipality.

In his opening speech De Lara highlighted that "what is truly behind the success of the trade fair and what has made it become the first monographic trade fair on wine in Spain is in fact the fondness for the people that live in dedication to wine", apart from recalling that nobody believed in FENAVIN at the beginning, and "now wineries representing all of the country's Designations of origin are coming in, which is a very important achievement for all those dedicated to this sector".

On his part, Fernando Prieto, President of the Inter-professional Association of the Valdepeñas Designation of Origin, acknowledged how necessary these types of event are in order to really bring relevance to the world of wine "in particular at a time when things are really tough". He also expressed his appreciation for the effort made by the organization and the infrastructure set up to promote the trade fair.

Finally, Jesús Martín, Mayor of the municipality, praised the capacity of the Provincial Government, specifically applauding its President, Nemesio de Lara, for his ability to make a dream come true in the shape of a wine trade fair of reference, which is not only positive for the province itself, but also for those dedicated to Valdepeñas wine".

The next session will take place on March 26th at the headquarters of the Regulation Council for La Mancha Designation of Origin (Avda. Criptana, 73) in Alcázar de San Juan.