Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





The wineries that belong to the Regulation Councils of Valdepeñas and La Mancha Designations of Origin will be acquiring all the necessary keys to obtain maximum advantage of FENAVIN’s potential

A picture from the Wine Gallery 2009

A picture from the Wine Gallery 2009

The Trade Fair’s organization will be hosting two informative sessions; the first will be taking place in Valdepeñas on this very Wednesday, March 16th, while the second will be hosted in Alcázar on March 23rd.

14.03.2011 | 

The wineries that belong to the Regulation Councils of Valdepeñas and La Mancha Designations of Origin will enjoy the opportunity to become better acquainted with the tools that FENAVIN 2011's organization has established for them, with the actual trade fair set to open its doors on the upcoming dates of May 10th through to May 12th. The tools have been designed to optimize the business possibilities during these three days of work, the same at the two informative sessions that are to take place in Valdepeñas and Alcázar.

Under the name of "Cómo aprovechar los instrumentos de negocio de FENAVIN" (How to take advantage of FENAVIN's business tools), the activity in both sessions will start with a presentation offered by the President of the Trade Fair and of the Provincial Government of Ciudad Real, Nemesio de Lara, to then continue with the technical session itself, with said sessions taking place at the domicile of the Valdepeñas Designation of Origin on March 16th and in Alcázar on March 23rd.

Manuel Juliá, Director of the Trade Fair, will be the first to detail "Los instrumentos de negocio de FENAVIN: Cómo rentabilizar al máximo la participación en la feria" (FENAVIN's Business Tools: How to achieve maximum return from participation in the trade fair), with his intention during the chat being "to ensure that the wineries can carry out one year's work in the space of three work sessions at the Trade Fair, for which we are putting various tools at the disposal of the participants who are in search of maximizing contacts between their offer and the demand that is generated by the domestic buyers that we are bringing in to FENAVIN and also by the buyers that are coming in from fifty-four countries from around the world".

In his opinion "success of a trade fair resides both in its prior preparation and in the work that actually takes place afterwards. Therefore, it is absolutely fundamental to have all the necessary details to optimize the business possibilities more than ready, as is the case with updating of the catalogues and informative and promotional material; sending persons to the trade fair who enjoy capacity for decision taking and availability of personnel with language skills, among other requirements", he points out.

In this sense FENAVIN provides an adequate environment and the necessary tools and information so that the professional's stay at the Fair will be a profitable one, as is the case with the program "Contacte con…" Contact With…., which to date had been developed with international buyers and that as of this edition will also allow establishing business meetings with the country's buyers and most important distributors, all this in such a way that the schedule of meetings between the exhibitors and buyers can be more than ready before the actual trade fair takes place.

Patricia Franco, FENAVIN's Business Center Coordinator, will then detail the best "Opportunities for Wine Commercialization in Overseas Markets", an allocution during which she will inform on how the wineries are to prepare themselves in order to confront the demands of buyers with very different needs and consumption cultures.

The next session will be hosted at the domicile of La Mancha Designation of Origin Regulation Council's (Avda. Criptana, 73) on March 26th in Alcázar de San Juan.