Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





The Spanish Regulation Councils will once again be participating at FENAVIN 2011, a trade fair that is "effective, profitable and specialized in doing business"

The Regulation Councils are very satisfied with previous participations

The Regulation Councils are very satisfied with previous participations

The Ribeiro, Vinos Alicante, Utiel-Requena, Uclés, Méntrida and Valencia Designation of Origins, among others, are again pledging their firm commitment on a trade fair that "has become a frame of reference within the sector"

07.03.2011 | 

"After many years and many trade fairs, FENAVIN has proven to be the best showcase for our wines". Eladio Martín Aniorte, Manager of the Regulation Council for the Vinos Alicante Designation of Origin, is responsible for pronouncing this sentence, which defines the general feeling of the Designations of Origin throughout the country that will once again be participating in the upcoming edition of the National Trade Fair on Wine.

In the opinion of Martín Aniorte, "this is Spain's professional trade fair, a place that is free of all the marketing that seems to surround other important events aimed at audiences that tend to repeat themselves and that distract one with other matters", an opinion that seems to be shared by Juan Alonso Cuesta, President of the Méntrida Designation of Origin, in whose opinion the Ciudad Real event represents "the great trade fair on national wine, which stands out due to its drawing power and the tremendous presence of international importers".

José Luis Robredo, President of the Utiel-Requena Designation of Origin, also seems to be in tune with this opinion. "It is very important for the Spanish people to have a trade fair at this level, so that we do not have to go abroad in order to profit from all the advantages it offers. It is a privilege", he points out. Also, in a scene in which there is a copious trade fair offer, Robredo is quite clear on the fact that "for the wineries, a few important trade fairs is much better; wineries cannot make the effort of being at a trade fair every so often, in particular when many of them merely offer tasting sessions of their wines, something that does not happen at FENAVIN".

On his part, Fernando Tarín, President of the Valencia Protected Designation of Origin, is convinced that "FENAVIN is a well consolidated trade fair that has turned into a frame of reference within the sector and in which the level of professionalism and the important presence of distributors and importers is to be highlighted".

For Nemesio de Lara, President of the Trade Fair, such a positive opinion coming from the Regulation Councils is very important "because as of the very first edition FENAVIN has enjoyed their support. And, in particular - he highlights - FENAVIN has based part of its success on La Mancha and Valdepeñas Designations of Origin, which are close on hand and present in our actions, with which FENAVIN's organization holds technical meetings in order to maximize the advantages of this opportunity, apart from enjoying close monitoring of the same on our part".

Less investment, yet the same effectiveness as other international trade fairs

All entities, as is the case with the Ribeiro Designation of Origin, normally include different trade fairs in their annual work calendars, as is the case with the German trade fair Prowein, the London Wine or the Bordeaux based Vinexpo among the international fairs or Alimentaria and Gourmet among the Spanish trade fairs. In the opinion of Marta Fernández who works for the Foreign Commerce Department of the Galician quality brand, in comparison with other international trade fairs, "FENAVIN has the advantage of proximity, which facilitates participation of our wineries, apart from the fact that less investment is needed to obtain the same effectiveness".

In other cases, such as the Uclés Designation of Origin, their efforts have been exclusively focused on FENAVIN this year, "because of the local nature of the other trade fairs and because at FENAVIN we find the international representation we need to promote our wines abroad".

In that concerning the contacts that are made with important possibilities of turning into businesses, it is to be mentioned that in the past 2009 edition all the Designations of Origin that were interviewed mentioned the good results obtained. In fact, the main reason why the Ribeiro Designation of Origin wineries are repeating the experience is, for example, "the level of satisfaction shown by our wineries in the past edition. For us - Marta Fernández explains - FENAVIN's professional nature is a determining factor, as is the case with its international dimension and the Business Center concept that underlies the entire project".

On his part, Eladio Martín, representing the Designation of Origin Vinos Alicante, acknowledges that "despite the fact that 2009 was a difficult year and that the offer was more wide-ranging, we still managed to draw attention with the previous work carried out with our wines and with the contacts that were made prior to and during the three days of work in Ciudad Real", situation that also corresponds to the experiences of the other Regulation Councils that were interviewed.