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Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





The wineries of the province and of Castilla-La Mancha will be taking advantage of FENAVIN to expand their portfolio of national and international buyers

The wineries, convinced of the importance of offering a good image at FENAVIN

The wineries, convinced of the importance of offering a good image at FENAVIN

Some of the wineries have even managed to overcome very complicated economic situations, this thanks to the contacts made in previous editions of the Trade Fair

01.03.2011 | 

After participating in the last few editions of FENAVIN several castellano-manchego wineries have reinforced their tendency to go abroad in search of business, as in the words of the producing companies that we have consulted, the trade fair has turned into a true springboard and not only in order to sell the region's wine on foreign markets, but also to overcome difficult economic situations. Those interviewed also mentioned that they trust in the Trade Fair's capacity to capture the attention of the distributors and more important national buyers.

An example of that put forward is Bodegas del Saz, from Campo de Criptana, which has gone from exclusively putting its production into the domestic market, this five years ago when it was going through a really complicated economic situation, to currently exporting ninety-five percent of its production. This way and following-up on the contacts made at the Trade Fair with Russian and Irish buyers, two million bottles are finding their way to a total of fifteen countries, although most of the lot is going to these two markets.

In the opinion of Carlos Díez, Commercial Director of the Campo de Criptana winery, to be able to work at FENAVIN is an advantage due to various reasons, as to begin with the investment that has to be made is much less. "It is not only an economic trade fair, but it is right at home and this represents savings in travel costs; and on top of that the organization is absolutely fantastic and the volume of buyers is very high".

According to his words, "it is of utmost importance to give off a good image at FENAVIN, because it is highly business orientated and this makes our work much easier in comparison with other trade fairs where our commercial department really has to put in hard work, while in the case of this trade fair its organization is doing the work for us and this is very important".

In summary he concludes, "optimization of the investment we have to make to come to the trade fair is enormous because we have to add the high ratio of buyers per winery to the real business figures that we reach: in short, the balance is certainly in our favor".

In the words of Nemesio de Lara, the Trade Fair's President and President of the Provincial Government of Ciudad Real, "that was precisely our intention: to create a great meeting point for the national wine business right in the heart of the greatest wine producing region in the country", he assures.

There is no doubt that De Lara is fully convinced that FENAVIN "as mentioned by the wineries and buyers themselves, has indeed turned into a practical and effective showcase for our wines, attracting the best national buyers, as well as those coming in from most of the countries from around the world that are interested in wine consumption".

Ramón Alcarazo, Manager of the Cooperative Jesús del Perdón in Manzanares, who has attended all the editions of the Ciudad Real Trade Fair, also continued along this line, mentioning that "our participation has allowed us to position our wines in many countries around the world: and we can now say that we are present in the main countries, as is the case with the US, Canada, Japan, Russia and China".

The Cooperative Jesús del Perdón also includes the German wine fair Prowein in its calendar; along with London Wine; Vinexpo in France and Foodex in Tokyo, although FENAVIN is the only trade fair on the national market in which we participate, as we consider that currently it is the most important one that is held in our country".

So, in this edition their intention is to "maintain contacts with distributors and clients with which we are already in negotiations and with the importers that will be coming in", apart from presenting their ecological agriculture wine production.

"FENAVIN is a surprising trade fair"

Another interviewee, Jesús Cantarero, owner of Bodegas Fontana, which produces wines for the La Mancha and Uclés Denominations of Origin is completely convinced of the Trade Fair's good method of operation, "as it has allowed us to open-up important markets, sometimes even in countries which, in principle, we had not even thought about, as is the case with Japan where we closed an important business deal during the past edition, which was indeed a fabulous surprise for us".

This winery includes Vinexpo in Bordeaux in its calendar and it will eventually include the German wine fair Prowein, although in Cantarero's opinion, "FENAVIN is the most important, as it allows us to meet with many importers in a very short space of time".

"This is truly a surprising trade fair for us - Cantarero explains -, because the management of the purchaser program carried out in previous editions has been impressive. FENAVIN, which we consider to be professional and very practical, should take place in more ample fairgrounds, although on the other hand it is precisely its secluded aspect that insures that buyers will not escape", he jokes.

On his part Manuel Olmedo, Adviser for the Cooperative Virgen de las Viñas in Tomelloso, assures that they have started good businesses with Danish and Italian buyers at FENAVIN. In his opinion presence of the Cooperative at FENAVIN has always been more useful to them than the London International Wine Fair, for example.

In Olmedo's opinion, "we are very proud that the greatest wine producing region is host to the National Trade Fair on Wine, apart from the fact that it is highly useful for us, because, despite today's innovations in telecommunications which makes selling abroad much easier, it really is fantastic to see all these national and international buyers traveling all this way". However and above all he concludes, the most important thing of all is the fact that wine, right here in Ciudad Real, is being talked about from a cultural point of view: that in itself is the most valuable part for the sector's future".