Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





The Spanish Wine Federation supports FENAVIN in the first agreement ever that both entities have signed

With the signing of this agreement, FENAVIN also participates in the European initiative 'Wine in Moderation', promoted by the FEV in Spain.

16.12.2010 | 

The Spanish Wine Federation -FEV-, which represents more than 800 of the country's wineries, has shown its support for FENAVIN in the first agreement ever that the two entities have signed. Following the signing of the agreement they will join forces to promote the spreading of the cultural, historic and gastronomic values of wine, as well as to make the concept of moderation when consuming wine as a healthy lifestyle pattern known to all, the same by way of the "Wine in Moderation" initiative.

This agreement was signed by the President of the Provincial Government of Ciudad Real and of the National Trade Fair on Wine, Nemesio de Lara and by the President of the Spanish Wine Federation, Félix Solís, during a ceremony that took place at the Ciudad Real Provincial Palace, at which the Institutional Coordinator of the Trade Fair, Ángel Amador, was also present; along with the Secretary General of the Spanish Wine Federation, Pau Roca and the Director of FENAVIN, Manuel Juliá.

In the opinion of De Lara, "this is not just another agreement that FENAVIN signs, because in this case the FEV is indeed a very powerful organization, absolutely representing the help it gives to Spanish wines from all scopes. With this agreement we support the FEV and, therefore, we support wine by way of an educational program such as 'Wine in Moderation', which promotes spreading of messages such as that consuming wine in moderation is healthy, apart from bringing down the historical sayings against consuming wine".

FENAVIN's President also indicated his intention that the Trade Fair duly collaborate in the increase of the export figures, "which are already quite satisfactory", he pointed out, to then add that "there should be no controversies in the world of wine, which is one of our distinguishing marks".

Félix Solís: "Wine that is good value for money is reinforced with its participation in trade fairs such as FENAVIN"

On his part, Félix Solís, highest Representative of the Federation, apart from being the President of the company Félix Solís Avantis, also thanked FENAVIN for its capacity to create such an important trade fair in Ciudad Real, "trade fair that already has an important international impact and to which the Spanish wineries have devoted themselves, as many of them are already coming in, although in this edition we expect far more to come in, edition that can count with our absolute backing on this occasion".

In that pertaining to the signed agreement, he believes that it is fundamental "to educate in order to drink wine in moderation", which is also an initiative promoted by the agreement of the European Commission, standard of which is the 'Wine in Moderation' program, "with which the idea is that in Spain, where consumption of wine is lower than in France and Italy, for example, consumers will know that wine is good. And - he adds -, we want consumption of wine in Spain to rise, because it is a very important asset on which many families depend".

On the other hand Solís also reminded those present that the FEV gathers together between 80 and 85% of the Spanish exporter companies that sell added value wine in the world and, in his opinion and despite the fact that bulk wine also needs its outlets ("as is the case with Castilla-La Mancha", he added), "we have an excellent raw material that we must make known in the world".

With regards to FENAVIN's role in helping the wine sector with the current unfavorable economic situation, the President of the FEV believes that "Wine with a good quality-price-ratio is quite reinforced by its participation at this trade fair. Keep in mind that the more problems there are out on the street, as is currently the case, the more effort we should dedicate to promotion", he added.

'Wine in Moderation'

In virtue of the agreement signed between the two entities, the Spanish Wine Federation also committed itself to a series of activities, in coordination with FENAVIN's organization, apart from committing to holding its Executive Commission Meeting during the celebration of the trade fair itself. In turn FENAVIN, among other things, will duly comply in its preparation and development of the Wine Self-Regulation Code in matters related with the FEV's advertising and commercial communications, while in turn accepting that Self-Control is the designated entity to resolve any claim that was to arise in relationship with application of the Code on the part of third parties.