Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





The ICEX (Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade) defines FENAVIN as "a required reference in the global viticulture sphere"

The Spanish Institute for Overseas Trade (ICEX) has published an outcome report on its official website pertaining to the Ciudad Real Trade Fair which shows very positive evaluation of its operation, structure and business results

04.02.2010 | 

"A trade fair that is a required reference in the global sphere of the viticulture sector". This is how the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade -ICEX- has defined the National Trade Fair on Wine, FENAVIN, after analyzing its operation, results and business structure in a report that has just been published on the website of this national institution that depends on the Ministry for Industry, Tourism and Trade.

According to the ICEX Report, drawn-up by the Economic and Trade Office of the Spanish Embassy in Berne, Switzerland, FENAVIN 2009 "has been even more positive than its previous editions (…), given that most of the exhibitor wineries have obtained good results at the trade fair, indicating a high degree of satisfaction (…), as they have been able to meet with more professionals and make more international contacts, which have been highly interesting for them". In fact, according to the mentioned text, most of the wineries that were consulted have great expectations for the upcoming editions and they indicated that they are very interested in attending this upcoming edition because "it represents a very useful business tool", hence, they have no doubt whatsoever that they will do everything in their power to be present at the trade fair.

FENAVIN's organization, involved as it is in preparing ESPAÑA ORIGINAL 2010 - The National Trade Fair on Denominations of Origin and other quality agri-food products, which will be taking place in Ciudad Real on the upcoming dates of May 11th to the 13th-, has very positively evaluated this document. "The report is a great reward for the efforts we have made in setting-up each edition of FENAVIN and ESPAÑA ORIGINAL", points out its Director, Manuel Juliá, for whom it is more than obvious "that the system we have designed to develop these great projects, which is based on a clear wager on professionalism and the creation of very practical tools aimed at generating as many opportunities as possible to establish meetings between the offer and the demand, is more than correct".

It is precisely the ICEX Report that assures that the event's organization "is excellent", likewise pointing out that the exhibitors consider the dates chosen to celebrate the trade fair as a wise decision, apart from the fact that the large exhibition marquees in which the trade fair takes place are beautifully temperature controlled. Notwithstanding, the ICEX report highlights that one of the exhibitors' major complaints is the need for a convention center, as in their opinion greater physical space is needed to hold a trade fair with these dimensions and characteristics.

Now, on another note entirely, the ICEX, institution that provides its services to Spanish companies with the aim of promoting and facilitating international outreach, has observed certain concern among the exhibitors and that "the sector is not as united as it should be", therefore, it highlights the initiative launched from FENAVIN to wager on the sector's unity, "in order to eliminate opposing interests".

The report, which reminds us that "FENAVIN considers that a National Strategic Viticulture Development Plan that is permanently open to the advances taking place in the world of wine is necessary", underlines the important value of the trade fair as "a great wager within the plan to promote agri-food industries for commercial promotion and development, in which the greatest attraction is to be found in the important number of international importers that come together at the fair and that are in search of discovering and establishing commercial relationships with the wineries that are on display".

Swiss importers at FENAVIN 2009 consider that the trade fair is a direct competitor of the Barcelona Alimentaria trade fair

In as far as the opinion of the Swiss importers who were accompanied by the ICEX during their visit to FENAVIN, the report underlines that "they made many interesting commercial contacts" and they stated their intention to repeat at FENAVIN 2011.

One of the opinions of these importers on an aspect that has nothing to do with the organization of the event is rather striking, and this is because they consider it "a pity that hardly any Catalan wineries were present at Fenavin". In the opinion of this group of entrepreneurs, who come from a country that has a GDP that stands fourth in the world and with a highly demanding market, the reason for this situation is that these wineries "consider FENAVIN to be the competition of Alimentaria, International trade show for the food and beverage industry, which takes place in Barcelona on a biennial basis". In this sense the ICEX points out that many Catalan wineries were present at the past edition of the Ciudad Real trade fair, several of which joined together to visit the trade fair for the first time, these wineries being specifically from the Priorat (Celler de L'Encastell), Terra Alta (La Bollidora), Empordá (Vines dels Aspres) and Penedés (Cava Castell D'Age). The report precisely explains that these wineries "were remarkably satisfied with the contacts they made during the event".

In the ICEX's opinion "FENAVIN and Alimentaria should not consider each other as competition, but rather as different events, which take place on different years and with the aim of improving the sector". In the opinion of the institution "it is in our interest to have many trade fairs and shows in order to develop the field of viniculture".

FENAVIN 2009, very good results in a year of economic crisis

The principal balance figures of the past edition of FENAVIN indicate a very positive image of this event, which is clearly focused on business, and precisely in a year in which the word crisis has been splashed across all headlines dedicated to the economy. Hence, between the dates of May 5th to the 7th of 2009 a total of 118,000 commercial contacts were propitiated, in comparison with the 70,175 made in the past edition, which represents an increase of 70% with regards to the year 2007. In total, 3780 national purchasers and 2124 international purchasers, from 43 countries, were able to profit from a trade fair that received 80,000 visitors, 65,000 of them with credentials, which means a growth of 36% with regards to the previous edition.

And it is precisely now, on these dates, that the same organization that is responsible for the Ciudad Real Wine Fair is putting the final touches on the upcoming ESPAÑA ORIGINAL Trade Fair, which will take place on the dates of May 11th to the 13th of this year. This trade fair, which in only two editions has managed to consolidate itself as an essential event for the agri-food business, now aspires to become a platform in order to streamline business contacts in this sector to a maximum, using a system that has already proven its efficacy in the viticulture sector, as is the case with FENAVIN.